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Best Car Wash Brush (Review & Buying Guide) 2022

Doesn’t washing your car with hands sound like a big challenge, especially if you own a big one? I would rather consider using a brush for this purpose as it makes your vehicle cleaning easy.

This is why I surfed around the internet in search of the best car wash brush, as using a car wash brush is an efficient and easy way to cut down on time spent as well as save your effort on washing your car. 

During my search, I came across many different car washing brushes as there are more than hundreds of options available in the market. 

I kept searching and going through the finest options along with their honest reviews and comments about the products.

As you read ahead, I have listed the seven best car wash brushes that I came across during my search and their genuine reviews. You can just go through this list of options and choose the best car wash brush according to your car and choice. Whether you’re opting for an automatic car wash or doing a manual car wash a car wash brush plays an important role.

Just below the list, I have also provided a buying guide. If you go through any confusion, question, or problem, just go through this stuff, and it will surely help consider the best option to help wash your car. 

Best Car Wash Brush In 2022

1. Carrand 93062 Deluxe Car Wash 10″ Dip Brush with 65″ Extension Pole

  • Foam grips for extra controlFoam grips for extra control
  • Suitable for all vehicles
  • 30 days return policy 
  • The rod bends easily and stays crooked when you extend it

If you look at the history of this company, it holds quite a name as being in automotive cleaning for 30 years. Now talking about the brush, this is a dip wash brush with a super soft brush head and a rubber bumper. 

The size of the head is 10-inch and comes with a 65-inch extension pole, and the brush also features foam grips that provide extra control. 

A good thing about this car wash brush is that if you are not satisfied with this product, it has a 30-day right to return policy. You will also observe that there is a rubber bumper included on the brush head to prevent scratching.

You can use this brush to wash a wide range of vehicles literally as it is designed for cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs. the only thing that could be a problem is that its construction and durability are questionable, as said by many users.

This is because even if it works fine and does its job of cleaning, the aluminum rod bends easily and stays crooked when you extend it. Then when you try to make it straight, it does not go back to its original shape easily.

2. Summarytip Removable Telescopic Car Wax Drag Nano Fiber Car Wash Brush

  • Can be used for cleaning stuff other than vehicles 
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans good 
  • It is really heavy
  • It also takes a long time to dry out

This is a nanofiber car wash brush with a super simple application as it is easy to extend and close and made from a high-quality stainless steel telescopic rod.

This brush just washes wide and comfortable without a blind angle and is not easy to slide. It does its job so well, as well as makes car washing quite easy, and cleans your vehicle effectively. 

You don’t have to worry about any leftover marks or scratches after running this brush over your vehicle, as it has microfiber bristles that are perfect for both the exterior and interior of your car without scratching. 

Not only is it effective for cars and vehicles, but you will be surprised to know that you can use this brush for various purposes as it is also good for cleaning in restaurants, hotels, and computers.

Though it works, it still has a couple of drawbacks, which include being quite heavy to use, especially if you are small or don’t have power, and also it is not easy to dry as the brush takes a long time to dry. 

3. DocaPole 5-12 Foot (1.5-3.5 Meter) Soft Bristle Car Wash Brush

  • The soft textured bristles prevent the brush from scratching cleaning surfaces
  • The brush is covered on all sides with ultra-soft synthetic bristles
  • Efficient and effective cleaning
  • Not durable

This car wash brush offers up to twelve feet of reach and has a soft bristle of five to twelve inches that is suitable for cleaning all vehicles like trailers, cars, RVs, trucks, trailers, boats, campers, and more.

The brush is covered with ultra-soft synthetic bristles on all sides that have been flocked to ensure they don’t scratch paint or damage cleaning surfaces. The rod is 12 fee which makes it possible to reach almost any dust, dirt, and grime that needs washing.

The soft textured bristles prevent the scrub brush from scratching cleaning surfaces, such as car paint, house siding, or windows, and also enable the brush to function as an excellent duster brush for sweeping off the deck or removing cobwebs from corners, nooks, and other areas.

The five-sided angled bristle design enables efficient and effective cleaning, allowing the brush to access corners and reach into the deeper contours of uneven surfaces and joints. 

The thumb lever clasps allow pole extension and retraction, and the padded grips give a comfortable to use. The only problem is that it is not durable as the threaded end broke off with no force when attaching the brush.

4. Filmer 18797 Car Brush

  • Value for money
  • The car wash brush features flow control 
  • Good at cleaning
  • Bristles are not very well stapled and fall apart after use

It is definitely a good brush for washing your car as water flow control is really an excellent feature. 

This washing brush is especially recommended for cars, motorcycles, and tires, and the handle of the brush can regulate the right amount of water as it also includes a connection for the water hose.

Even the handle of this car wash brush is designed such that the user can get a good grip. Considering the price, this is a pretty good brush at such an affordable price. 

Not only does it come with such great features, but it also does its job very effectively, which is washing your vehicles along with being value for money. Although with numerous benefits, the car wash brush has its drawbacks too.

The bristles are not very well stapled into the brush head and fell apart and started falling out by the bunch after the first use. And not to point out, but even in the sales picture, the brush seems broken.

5. Kent GKEQ1215 Car Wash Brush

  • The brush has a handy switch to turn the water on and off
  • Soft bristles
  • Universal hose connector 
  • Poor quality fixing to the hose

This car wash brush is excellent at washing any vehicle as it comes with soft bristles which are also designed to protect the bodywork and wheels of the car from getting scratches. 

You will find that the brush has a handy switch that is located on the handle that can turn the water flow off. It also features a universal hose connector and is ideal for the car, caravan, or around the garden.

This handy brush with super soft bristles connects to your hose and has an on/off switch to save water. 

You will also get the usage directions attached to your garden hose to allow constant water flow through the brush. I would suggest you note that you should not use bleach and fabric conditioner.

According to many people’s reviews, the connector of this car wash brush snapped off on the initial use while washing the car due to poor quality fixing to the hose.

6. Draper 85068 Telescopic Washing Brush, 3000 mm Length

  • Wide range of use
  • An on and off water control feature
  • The bristles are soft
  • It leaked from various joints

This Telescopic washing brush is ideal for cleaning vehicles, boats, paintwork, conservatories, etc. Not only this, but the brush has more area of use as it is quite suitable for any home or valeting business as well.

You will get an on and off water control feature along with a snap-on hose connector with this car wash brush.  

This washing brush is ideal for cleaning vehicles, boats, paintwork, conservatories, etc. The brush head is great, and the handle grips are lovely and make it a good tool to control and get the job done.

The bristles are soft enough not to damage the surface of the windows and plastic frames but firm enough so that you can gently scrub to get surfaces clean, and the bristles have kept their shape. 

The only problem many users face is that it leaked from various joints when being used, so you invariably ended up slightly wet.

7. Kent Q4347 Butterfly Telescopic Flow Through Brush

  • It has on and off switches using which you can control the water flow 
  • Universal hose connector
  • Good for cleaning
  • The brush head does not fit on the shaft

If you have a big car or an RV, then this butterfly telescopic flow-through brush is perfect for cleaning large family cars and hard-to-reach places. 

The car wash brush’s bristles are made from tough nylon to remove dirt and grime with a total extendable length of 170cm. As you look at the usage directions, you can attach the hose with a universal hose connector. 

It has an on and off switch with which you can control the water flow and the switch is situated into the handle. I would like to suggest you always shut off the water while applying soap in a bucket or when extending the pole length required. 

Use insulated foam grips to maintain maximum control in use. And also, do not use water exceeding 40°C.

The brush head will not fit on the shaft, and for many people, it keeps falling and also has a completely different thread pattern. These were the only things that could bother you when using this product. 

Car Wash Brush Buying Guide 

When you start your search to find the best car wash brush, you will see that not all car wash brushes are exactly the same, and they come in various sizes and shapes, made by different companies.

There are several factors that are needed to be considered before choosing a car wash brush, and we provide some tips and answer some frequently asked questions to make your search a lot easier. 

Read those factors and tips, and you will know what to consider when buying the best car wash brush for your car. First, let’s see what the various types of car wash brushes are: 

Car wash brush types 

  • Long and short-handed brush

If you want to clean spots too high or hard to reach, then a long-handled brush would be a good choice for you as they are designed for such hard-to-reach spots, making them a good option to clean the roof on an SUV or tall truck. 

You can just swing the brush on top of your vehicle to scrub the roof instead of using a step stool. Many of the brushes come with a telescoping or extended handle to adjust the length as required. 

There are benefits of a shorter-handled brush, too, as they are good for cleaning the grill of your car or truck, and it can help you to get into smaller, tight spots, such as the nooks and crannies inside your vehicle’s wheels cleaning.

  • Flow thru brush:

A flow-thru or flow-through brush is designed such that it allows liquid to flow into the brush head so that the brushing action can apply the liquid or water onto the surface area that you intend to clean. 

These brushes can be made of various types of bristles and are configured in multiple ways to provide consistent water flow through the handle or pole to allow you to remove dirt and grime off your vehicle in an efficient manner.

  • Drill attachment brush:

You may want to use a brush with a drill attachment when planning on targeting smaller, specific areas on your vehicles, such as the headlights or grill.

You can attach the brush to a power drill as it will provide a stronger brushing motion than elbow grease alone, and they come in various different shapes and sizes, making car detailing a lot easier.


When it comes to the stiffness of a car wash brush, you need to be careful as it may seem like a stiffer scrub brush would work better on stuck-on grime, right? But this is not entirely true, as sharper bristles could scratch the finish if you consistently rub them against the paint. 

Especially if you own a dark-coloured vehicle, you require softer brushes to wash them, while lighter-coloured cars can tolerate brushes with medium stiffness.


People taller than five feet can wash a modern sedan with a car wash brush that can extend around one foot, but this would be rather tough for smaller people.  

On the other hand, larger vehicles with bigger and taller surface areas can be more challenging to wash, and even huge, lifted trucks require several feet of extension to reach the roof and hood.

Rotation and ectension

You will find that some car wash brushes are more versatile based on their rotation ability, swivel, and extend. 

If you’re cleaning the area around the sharp body creases and mirrors, it can particularly be more labour-intensive to use a fixed, long-handled brush than one that rotates and swivels. Extended handles can also help you reach your vehicle better.


It is pretty much obvious that a car wash brush will break, the bristles will fall out, and the head will wear out over time. But the time may differ from product to product as some brands last a lot longer than others due to their durable construction. 

For example, synthetic materials also do well over the long term, whereas wooden brush heads are often treated to provide a longer lifespan.

Drill chuck size

Ensure that you choose the correct size to fit your drill if you plan on using a car wash brush that works with a drill attachment.  

You can look at your drill for the size, or even manufacturers typically list the chuck size, and double-checking is always a good idea to play at the safe side, even if these measurements are often standard.


I hope this article helped you choose the best car wash brush and provided you with useful and important information that you need to know. Just go through the reviewed list of car wash brushes and the buying guide and make the perfect choice for your car. 

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