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Best Driving Sunglasses In 2022 – Reviewed + Buying Guide

When we talk about sunglasses, they aren’t only to contribute to fashion but do the most important thing, that is, to protect your eyes from the hot sun, dust, and harmful UV rays when you drive. 

Sunglasses are great at providing protection against glare while driving, which means you will get better visibility and will keep you along with everyone else safe on the road.

You can just search around for the best driving glasses as it becomes an essential accessory including a car phone holder for anyone who drives a vehicle, especially during the daytime or summers.

Some driving sunglasses work better whereas others don’t, therefore not all sunglasses are equally effective.

Keep reading ahead, and you will go through a list of the seven best driving sunglasses with their honest reviews for every product. I have also provided a buying guide that will help you to choose the best option. 

7 Best driving sunglasses

1. Maui Jim Wiki Wiki Sunglasses

  • Good material quality
  • Lightweight
  • Durable 
  • The picture does not reflect the actual product

These Maui Jim sunglasses feature polarized lens technology that goes beyond shielding your eyes from glare and harmful UV rays by enhancing colours to reveal the true beauty of the world around you.

You can enjoy ultimate UV protection combined with premium style along with incredible durability for people always on the go that want a pair of sunglasses that will stay comfortably on their face while cutting glare with the help of polarized lenses.

You will also get glare-free vision, colour-boosting patented technologies with neutral grey lenses that offer the highest available light reduction and are most useful in bright or direct sunlight.

The lenses are made with good quality material for optics that provide an excellent shatter and scratch resistance ability. Even the frame is pure titanium, making it lightweight, durable, and comfortable. 

Several reviews and comments said that the picture does not reflect the actual product received by them.

2. Ray-Ban Aviator Metal Ii Sunglasses

  • Good looking
  • Non-polarized 
  • Durable 
  • Not the same as the photo 

Ray-ban aviator metal Ii sunglasses are great, and they would be perfect for you, especially if you like light-coloured lens as it has a light pinkish shade.  

The colour of the frame is gold which gives a super cool look with the colour of glass when you fit it on your face. 

The quality from which these driving sunglasses are made is top-notch, as a result, making these glasses durable for a very long time without causing any scratches, stains, or marks over them at all.

When talking about durability, the driving sunglasses have a two-year international warranty, and it is also nonpolarized and has just a perfect colour. 

Even though the product seems to have numerous prosections, many people still complained and reviewed that they did receive the sunglasses of expected condition as shown in pictures.  

3. Interplas Men’s Holbrook Sunglasses, Silver (Steel)

  • Good packaging
  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight
  • Not good material quality 

These sunglasses are synthetic glasses that also have a protective case included and are great for driving. 

You will get amazing polarized glasses and the look they give after wearing them is just so cool due to their design.

It comes with good packaging at a very reasonable price. Along with all this, these sunglasses are very light in weight and you won’t feel heavy or any type of discomfort after wearing them. 

It even gets shipped fast for most people and is exactly the same as the picture and as described.

The only thing that could upset you is this product’s material quality as it is not as great as you would expect it to be, hence leaving many users disappointed and leaving comments and reviews for the same. 

4. Ray-Ban Unisex Adults Erika Color Mix RB4171-622/T3 Sunglasses

  • Includes case and cleaning cloth
  • Polarized grey gradient lenses
  • UV protection
  • Not that good satisfying quality 

These Ray-Ban sunglass lenses are coated with a hundred per cent UV protection to protect your eyes from all harmful UV rays that come from the sun and might affect your eyes while you are driving under heavy sun.

The polarized round sunglasses are featured by these unisex Ray-Ban sunglasses with an oversized round metal frame with rubber finish along with polarized grey gradient lenses.

The glass features polyamide and also includes a case and cleaning cloth. Each pair of sunglasses come with a cleaning cloth and case to clean and protect your sunglasses from scratches and damage.

The sunglasses sold by authorized sellers are eligshopible for all manufacturer warranties and guarantees.

The only thing that could be a disappointing factor for you is that it does not have good or satisfying quality.

5. Spy Optic Helm 2

  • Shield your eyes from the sun
  • UV protection 
  • Good look
  • The handles get loose

These spy optic helm sunglasses are a good option if you are looking for sunglasses while driving.  

They work well as sunglasses, along with that, they also give a beautiful, and unique look after putting them on.  

When talking about colour, these glasses have a whitewall, plus grey-green polar, and red spectra mirror which gives a great appearance and shields your eyes from the sun, and sets your sights on better sight. 

It has retro-inspired rectangle frames with saddle bridge with fixed nose pads and is highly durable. These glasses enhance colour and contrast, increase clarity, and improve mood and alertness.

The UV protection protects eyes skin during outdoor activity by blocking harmful ultraviolet rays. The only thing that could be a problem is that the handles get loose. 

6. Chaps Men’s Cp5006 Square Sunglasses

  • Hundred per cent UV protection
  • Come in cloth and case
  • Stylish look
  • Looks too big on some faces 

These Chaps sunglasses are a great option to wear under the heavy sun while driving and include lenses that are coated with a hundred per cent UV protection to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

It has a couple of different frame options, you can just choose from frame those colours, lens colours, and lens treatments and find the best colour combination that fits your personal brand and style.

Each pair of chaps sunglasses come with a cleaning cloth and case to clean and protect your sunglasses from scratches and damage.

The frame might look wide on many faces and yet give a stylish look and would just go with any outfit. 

As it looks wide on the face, but especially people with small or slim faces, these glasses will look too big on them. 

7. Mens Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses Vintage

  • Neutral colour coating and clear vision
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Top-rated polarised lenses
  • Not much durable


These polarized sunglasses are created to protect your eyes while you are out under the harmful sun UV rays and to make you look irresistible at the same time because as we know, health and style are both important. 

Whether you are driving, walking, or working, whether you are a man or a woman these sunglasses are perfect for all. You will also get 30 days money-back guarantee for these polarized sunglasses. 

These sunglasses come with top-rated wayfarer polarized lenses that were tested over time. Polarization reduces glare reflected by mirrors, shiny or polished materials, or any other kind of sun rays reflection.

It has a neutral colour coating and clear vision by eliminating reflected and scattered light. Therefore you will be able to enjoy the sunglasses during all your outdoor activities, driving, fishing or any water sport as well. 

It is made of ultra-light materials for glasses frames, shatterproof polarized lenses, and every edge is smoothed and polished. The only thing that could be a problem is that it is not durable and lasts only a few months and breaks.

Buying Guide For Car Sunglasses

Here are the things that you need to keep in mind before buying the best driving glasses: 

Polarized Lenses

During sunny days, sunlight comes down and reflects off headlights, wet surfaces, and stop signs on the road when you are driving, and this is where polarized sunglasses come to help you. 

Polarized lenses are must-have things for any pair or type of driving sunglasses. This light can be harsh on your eyes and can blind you, and it will be really hard for you to see the road in front of you. 

You must always go with polarized lenses as they allow your eyes to relax and provide comfort while you are driving. Some modern vehicle models have digital dashboard displays, which might not be clearly visible with a polarized lens. 

Don’t just trust in words, check it yourself when you get polarized lenses if it’s actual or not, you can check them out in your car itself before you hit the road.


The frames with wider and taller lens designs are a key feature to look for in driving sunglasses. You must also look for a wraparound design as sunlight can enter from the side of the glasses while you are driving and hinder your vision. 

Frame with a wraparound design with a large lens that will cover your eyes from all angles. A six-base or flat frame is excellent for you if you prefer a casual look with a comfortable fit.


There are two main options for lens material: 

  1. Glass 

Glass lenses are good at providing the best optical clarity and are one of the most scratch-resistant lenses. The cons of glass lenses are that they are less impact-resistant and heavier, and also, they are difficult to get in a prescription for this reason.

  1. Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and impact-resistant. The cons of polycarbonate lenses are they get scratched easily, so you need to be careful with them, and another thing is that they are not as optically clear as glass lenses.


The very first thing you should do when going for new sunglasses is to try them on to make sure they have a comfortable fit. There are many people who spend multiple hours in a car on regular basis.

Therefore, it is very important that your sunglasses don’t cause any pressure on your temples as this can cause headaches or migraines. I would recommend you to consider frames with straight-back temples or a slight hook at the end.


Rubberized nose pads and temple tips are other features that can be useful for driving sunglasses although, this may not sound like an essential feature for driving sunglasses. 

But if you are considering wearing your sunglasses for more than just driving purposes, then looking for the rubberized temple tips and nose pads would be a better option. Many companies and brands have a hydrophilic material that sometimes gets stickier the more you sweat.


You can think of the feature to consider when buying driving sunglasses is the material of the frame. You can’t just come to a conclusion for a perfect frame material for driving sunglasses as it actually is more of a personal preference. 

Select frames that are made of acetate for the most comfort as acetate is mostly known for its patterns, texture, and ability to hold an array of colours. Nylon, on the other hand, is the second frame material to consider for driving sunglasses.

This is because, nylon is light in weight and flexible, which makes it a good choice, especially if you wear sunglasses for long periods of time. Nylon can also hold its shape under extreme conditions and becomes a great pair of all-around sunglasses.

Metal would be the last frame material to consider as frames made from metal typically don’t offer a lot of wraparound designs, but are lightweight with thin temples for a comfortable fit.


So here we have seen some options for driving glasses and how to choose the best one for yourself. Now, it is all up to you to make a decision for choosing the best driving sunglasses to wear when riding your car under the hot sun. 

There are indeed many driving sunglasses options available on the market, still, it is not that easy to choose among them. You can refer to the buying guide if you feel confused and I hope that this article helped you to find the best driving sunglasses for yourself.

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