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Best Car Steering Wheel Lock 2022 – Reviewed + Buying Guide

When you look at stats, almost every ten minutes, a car gets stolen, and this is where car steering wheel locks come in handy. Car steering wheel locks will keep your car safe from getting driven away by thieves. 

As a result, there will be no inconvenience and no increased insurance premiums with this on your car, and this is why you would want to take your time shopping around for the best car steering wheel lock. 

Not only did I look at the product, but I have also gone through the honest reviews and comments for every product as there are various brands, types, and different options of car steering wheel locks.

I came up with a list of the four best car steering wheel locks. Just go through them and can also refer to the buying guide to make your choice. 

4 Best car steering wheel lock

1. Stoplock ‘Pro’ Car Steering Wheel Lock W/Keys

  • Easy to slide in position 
  • Ten years guarantee 
  • Fully tested 
  • It does not fit all cars

This is a great steering wheel lock that helps to prevent your car from being stolen. It is quick and easy to fit as it is easy to slide into position on the wheel, and the security key only takes half a turn to lock or unlock.

A two-pronged heavy steel claw locks it into position, and when moving the lock within the car, you need to be careful as its weight and length could cause damage to the things if knocked against them. 

It is fully attack tested, so you don’t need to worry about leaving your car out alone, and it has hardened metal parts with a physical and visual deterrent.

You will also get ten years to guarantee, along with ten thousand key combinations. The wheel lock comes with two keys. 

I saw many comments that it worked well, but there were still people with specific models who reviewed that the lock doesn’t fit for them. You can check more reviews as it does not perfectly fit all cars.

2. Disklok Steering Wheel Full Cover Silver Security Lock

  • Built-in steering wheel lock
  • Three years guarantee 
  • Unique design 
  • It is difficult to get on and remove

The unique design of this steering wheel lock has a long and proven history of outstanding performance when it comes to car security. This lock is incredibly difficult to remove, even with the help of power tools and industrial cutting equipment.

It has the ability to spin on the wheel when attacked. The whole lock spins on the attack, preventing the steering wheel from being turned with the lock still in place and also helping to stop the car’s built-in steering wheel lock from being broken.

The locking barrel itself has been built to be anti-drill and anti-pick lock proof too. Further advantages of the lock are the prevention of airbag theft and electronic theft such as keyless entry or car key cloning.

This car steering wheel lock has excellent design and has had to undergo rigorous testing to demonstrate its effectiveness in preventing or reducing crime. It is available in a silver or yellow finish to make your steering lock highly visible. 

You will get a three-year guarantee with this product, but the only thing that could be annoying for you is that it is quite difficult to get on or remove. If you try to remove it forcefully, this may scratch or damage your wheel.

3. Streetwize SWDH Double Hook Steering Wheel Lock

  • High vehicle compatibility
  • High visibility deterrent
  • Efficient mechanism 
  • Key sometimes  gets stuck 

This amazing car steering lock is a perfect security device that acts as a deterrent to theft. Using this double hook steering lock, you can reduce the theft risk by locking the steering wheel in place when the vehicle is parked or turned off.

This hook steering lock is equipped with a unique cross key locking mechanism that helps users increase vehicle security. With the virtue of its cross lock, it gets difficult to bypass this steering wheel lock easily, providing an efficient locking system.

It is made from unique non-slip grip material, and this rotating steering wheel lock features a bright yellow paint that makes it highly visible even in poor lighting conditions.

It comes equipped with two locking keys, and you can attach this lock in two different positions on all cars as the anti-theft steering lock offers a universal fit for most cars, vans, caravans, and motorbikes showing high vehicle compatibility.

This will prevent anyone else from trying a hand on driving your vehicle, but according to many reviews, people experienced that the key sometimes gets stuck and takes time, making it hard to open the lock. 

4. X-Lock Full Face Steering Wheel Lock

  • Good and unique design
  • Good visual deterrent
  • It does not fit all vehicles

This might turn out to be a great steering wheel clamp for your car as it comes under one of the top sellers in the automotive market, with full face protection to prevent any tampering for extra security. 

The steering wheel lock has easily visible bright yellow paintwork, which means that any would-be thief is immediately alerted to the fact that your vehicle is highly protected from any unwanted crime. 

It fits many types of cars and vans that come under the mentioned diameter, and you can afford to be with this great, high-security steering wheel lock at quite a reasonable price. 

It is fully covered and is a great fit for steering wheels up to 39cm in diameter. This product comes with two keys and a storage bag, and a good visual deterrent as well as the obvious security features, feels strong enough.

You’ll get impressed with its unique and interesting design, but the only thing that could be considered a con is that it does not fit all vehicles, so before going for it, do a little more check. 

Buying Guide For Car Steering Lock

Here are important things that you need to know before choosing the best steering wheel lock:

Types of steering wheel locks 

  • Wheel-to-pedal lock 

Wheel-to-pedal locks are designed to hook onto both the steering wheel and the brake or clutch pedal, which prevents both from usage. Since they offer double protection, it makes them effective as a security measure. 

They are not that openly visible from the outside and could serve as a deterrent only when the thief has already invaded your car.

  • Traditional lock 

Traditional design for locks is the most common design among steering wheel locks. These types of traditional-looking wheel locks are basically bar-shaped and have hook-ends that attach to opposite spokes of the steering wheel to prevent it from turning. 

Traditional wheel lock design gets the work done while having a manageable footprint making it one of the common advantages of such locks.

  • Enclosed lock 

If any thief looks at an enclosed steering wheel lock on your car, he’ll know that it is bad news for him as it completely covers the steering wheel and locks the steering from getting used by anyone unless removed in a proper way. 

No doubt, you will get a very high level of security with such locks that too for very obvious reasons, and also it requires a lot of work and effort to remove or crack. Their bulky, heavy, and more difficult to stow away features make the downsides. 

Rugged Construction

Any security measure is not worth it if it is not constructed well. Some car thieves are quite talented in finding any steering wheel lock’s weakest point and exploiting it. 

Some models even feature plastic in crucial areas, making it easy to break the lock and render the entire thing useless. Something is always better than nothing, but you should go with models with better materials. 

Well, with better material, the price is always high, and you don’t want cheap parts because there are many such incidents where lock cylinders freeze up or get jammed. Such problems leave the owners with no choice but to cut it and never use it again. 


It’s not actually any case of coincidence that many wheel locks have high visibility. In fact, brightly colored paints are popular options for some to make the locks better to be seen from outside of the vehicle.

When car thieves see a lock standing in between their stealing operation, they’re more likely to move on to targets that are easy to prey on as they want things to go as smoothly, giving them the least amount of time doing the stealing.

Furthermore, it is still important to ensure you’re using a decent device, so you must remember that this doesn’t mean that just anything should be used, as some persistent thieves are determined enough to take on this obstacle. 

Proper Fit 

To ensure that the steering wheel lock will fit your application it is important to consider double-checking the fitment of a steering wheel when you are purchasing it. Not many steering wheel locks are intended for a single steering-wheel size. 

Most locks generally work with a set range of sizes, and you must make sure your steering wheel is within the range. You aren’t most likely to find the perfect fit for your vehicle as most fit many applications, which can be a concerning security issue. 

This is the reason why many people go with modification for their steering wheel lock with padding and otherwise get a snug fit. 


If you think that thieves are just interested in stealing your car, then you are wrong. They are also interested in what’s inside it too, so hiding your goods is essential. Especially if you keep anything valuable inside your car, make sure to keep it hidden or out of sight.

There are also thieves who are much more interested in stealing airbags, which is another common crime.

You can use more than a single measure with steering wheel locks as they can only do so much. When you park your car in highly visible areas, remember to lock your doors and also install other devices for better safety. 

The more difficult target your car becomes, the better off you are. The most commonly stolen cars aren’t actually those high-end luxury cars, so your car is as valuable as any luxury. Just anything works for thieves.

Obscure options are great in such situations as the less popular a steering wheel lock is, the less likely a thief will have knowledge on how to break through it. 


Now, you have seen some options for car steering wheel locks and how to choose the best choice for your car, and you decide to select the best car steering wheel lock for your car and which is worth spending your money on. I hope that you found this article useful and helped you find the best choice to keep your car safe from thieves. Also, check out Best Car Tracker so that you can keep track of your car anytime from anywhere.

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