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What’s behind you doesn’t matter.

Race with a Perfect Car

If you can leave two black stripes from the exit of one corner to the braking zone of the next, you have enough horsepower.


Pre Owned Vehicles

May require additional work so that it fits your preferences.
Some used cars may have issues.
You can buy it at an even lower price

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More flexible finance rates
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Formula 1 Santander UK Grand Prix 2009

Race Day: June 21, 2009Laps: 60Formula 1 is exciting Motor sport and people are crazy about this amazing sport. Formula 1 is one of the most anticipated Grand Prix in Motorsport and its fans are desperate to watch exciting competitions by their desired teams. Ferrari…

Hamilton wins Monaco Grand Prix

This victory gave him the advantage in Formula 1 positions. The McLaren driver, who started third online, finished 3 seconds ahead of BMW Sauber’s Robert Kubica, while pole seat Felipe Massa of Ferrari was third in Formula One’s most famous race….

Would you like to drive the finest machines in the world?

Not everyone can hop in a Formula 1 car and drive it. It takes an exceptional person to drive a Formula 1 car competently. There are a number of core characteristics a driver must have to stay one step ahead in this extreme sport of Formula 1 Motorsport. Formula One…


Maserati 250F


  • Engine: 6-Cylinder In-line
  • Capacity: 2,490 CC
  • Power: 270 bhp at 8,000 rpm
  • Track: 51.2 / 49.2 in front and rear
  • Bore X Stroke: 84 X 75 mm

McLaren MP4/4


  • Chassis Carbon fibre honeycomb monocoque
  • Engine mid-engine, longitudinally mounted, 1,494 cc (91.2 cu in), Honda RA168E, 80° V6, turbo (2.5 Bar limited)
  • Transmission Weismann-McLaren 6-Speed

Porsche 956

  • Chassis Aluminum monocoque
  • Engine 2.65 litre Porsche Type-935 turbocharged Flat-6
  • Transmission 5-speed manual
  • Debut 1982 Silverstone Circuit

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Indiana’s Racing History

Hoosier Place, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a world famous racing and casino complex. The location is best known as a racino which incorporates a traditional brick-and-mortar casino uudet into a complete, multi-faceted horse racing and entertainment complex. You could choose to visit Hoosier Park just to try your luck at the slots and other table games, or to enjoy the fine dining restaurants, world-class bars, and incredible live shows, but whatever brings you to the casino you’re certain to find something you’ll love. You’re welcome to bring your own booze with you. Of course, you won’t be able to stay long if you want to check out some of the amazing attractions around this gorgeous region of the US.

There are numerous locations in Hoosier that offer plenty of gambling, entertainment, and beautiful sights. In addition to the racino, there are numerous hotels, inns, and bed & breakfast accommodations to choose from while you’re in town. Some of the top names in racing and casino history such as Bellagio, Crockett &orr, or the Venetian are all found in the immediate area. For those who love horse racing, there is even a full indoor stable that boasts live racing and betting, among the many amenities.

The great thing about all this is that there’s never a bad time to visit this famous racing and casino complex. In fact, if you happen to miss your scheduled trip, don’t worry, because it’s easy to get back on your schedule. On any given weekend during the year, there is a Hoosier race track open for business. So, if you’re ever in Bloomington, Indiana, plan to visit the race track during your next visit to town.

Maintenance tips

My top ten list of the most important and most overlooked maintenance items to get done before you go to the track.

  • Dirt racing shock absorbers
  • Suspension linkages
  • Cleaning the radiator

There have been other tracks that separated the men from the boys. This is the track that will separate the brave from the weak after the boys are gone.

I don’t know driving in another way which isn’t risky. Each one has to improve himself. Each driver has its limit. My limit is a little bit further than other’s.

— Ayrton Senna

Moonshiners put more time, energy, thought, and love into their cars than any racer ever will. Lose on the track, and you go home. Lose with a load of whiskey, and you go to jail.

— Junior Johnson

If you think the last 4 words of the national anthem are gentlemen, start your engines, you might be a redneck.

— Jeff Foxworthy

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