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8 Best Car Diagnostic Tool- Reviewed + Buying Guide

A car diagnostic tool is among the best investment options, whether you’re a skilled technician, a car guy who likes to work on their own automobiles, or simply someone who desires to save pricey diagnostic costs at your local dealer.

The greatest automobile scan tool does not have to be expensive, and it can often compensate for itself after just a single use.

An OBD (on-board-diagnostics) code reader allows you to diagnose your car’s numerous systems and functions, such as the airbag, engines, emission, suspension, anti-lock brake system, and other parts.

Clearly, the operation of each of these systems is crucial for any vehicle. Using a car code reader will finally tell you if the car is driveable or not before it fails on you and leaves you stranded in the middle of a trip.

Whether you’re wary of taking your car to the nearby repair shop or you want a tool that provides you with some further insight, the latest OBD scanners are less expensive and can offer far more than you expect.

There are several types of car diagnostic tools on the market, and determining their quality and usefulness can be challenging. As a result, it’s vital to go over the product’s specifications and features. This, however, can be a very stressful process.

We investigated and tested a variety of car diagnostic tools in order to identify the best ones on the market. According to our research, the finest car diagnostic tool is Edasion Store OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Code Reader.

We’ve prepared this guide to help you discover the various solutions for your individual requirements and pricing, as well as to go through what to look for when selecting a car diagnostic tool, to save you time and effort.

So, let’s have a look at them.

8 Best Car Diagnostic Tool- Reviewed + Buying Guide

All the products mentioned here are available online on amazon.com.

1. Edasion OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Code Reader

Product details:

  1. Read & Erase trouble codes
  2. Over 3000 generic code definitions
  3. Current Sensor Data

A great little accessory to have, I had never used one before and was a little sceptical about such a low priced item, there were no instruction sheets with it apart from a small mini-disk which I didn’t use in the end. 

I downloaded the needed software app directly from the internet so I could use my cell phone to read the information from the OBD unit. I’m happy to report that everything worked great. 

I took it with me when looking to buy a used automobile, and the owner was astonished when I grabbed this from my pocket and read the info off the car that was on offer.

I would recommend this to anyone who is even somewhat interested in their car and how it works, as well as anyone seeking to buy a used car; it would also make a nice gift for someone. 

My only criticism is that it did not come with a printed instruction sheet. So, all in all, it wasn’t an awful experience; I’ve already ordered another one for a cousin.

  • Value for money
  • Bluetooth feature is a blessing
  • No written instructions

2. Autel MaxiLink ML329 Code Reader

Product details:

  1. Plug-and-play feature
  2. Wide vehicle application
  3. i/M readiness status

This is incredibly easy to use, and it has saved me hundreds of dollars in garage costs. My car began juddering last week, and the engine light illuminated. I couldn’t take it to the garage because ours was closed due to the lockdown. 

So I got this to see if it was something simple I could fix myself. I had it linked up to my car in five minutes after it came, and I immediately recognized what the problem was after Googling the error code.

It turned out to be the ignition coil, so I replaced it and it now runs smoother than before. After the repair was finished, I utilized this computer to reset the engine light, and it’s now good to go, saving me a fortune.

The only complaint is that there are no significant instructions on how to utilize it. A user submitted a YouTube video, which is what I utilized to get started. There are instructions for acquiring updates, but as your car is no longer in production, I doubt there will be any updates that will affect it.

  • PosAccurate retrieving
  • Extremely cheap
  • No written instruction

3. NEXPEAK OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner

Product details:

  1. 16 pin interface
  2. Read dynamic datastream
  3. one-click i/M readiness hotkey

I purchased this scanner to diagnose and repair a problem with my son’s automobile, which had a permanently illuminated engine management light. The scanner is of high quality, comes with all the necessary leads, and is simple to operate. 

The fact that I was able to diagnose and rectify the problem, as well as turn off the management light, implies that the scanner paid for itself after just one use. It was well worth the money. 

The driver that would not install was for Windows XP, therefore it was unnecessary. Things I believe could be improved. The directions are written in a language other than English and can be difficult to understand at first, but any DIYer will quickly get the hang of it.

A glossary of words, such as DTC-diagnostic problem codes, DLC, MIL, i/M, and so on, should be included at the start of the instructions. I had to keep looking to figure out what they meant. 

It would be preferable if you didn’t have to write down the problem codes and then return to a different screen to get the definition. Overall, I’m quite pleased with my purchase of the scanner. It comes highly recommended.

  • Well worth the money
  • HIgh-quality
  • Instructions are difficult

4. Autel AL539b AutoLink Full OBD2 Code Reader

Product details:

  1. AVOmeter
  2. I/M readiness status check
  3. O2 sensor test

The instrument is excellent for the price. It came with a multimeter, which is why I brought it. Unfortunately, the meter does not read millivolts. I tried to obtain information on the multimeter’s ranges because it isn’t mentioned in the instructions, but I had no luck. 

To perform some diagnostic work in the automotive industry, a decent meter is required. However, it is an excellent all-around tool. The OBD scanner is good, and it can read nearly all of the sensors. 

 don’t think I’ll use it on household electrics for fear of it bicycling. As I have stated, without a range chart, you are relying on chance. It was tested on a Volkswagen Golf 4, a Dacia Duster, and a Hyundai I40. 

What I expected from the device was met. I’ve shown it to my friends, and they’re interested in purchasing it for quick diagnosis on the road. A useful tool for the amateur screwdriver, as well as the professional.

  • Can read all the sensors
  • Multimeter feature
  • In terms of its value, it is expensive

5. LAUNCH CR319 Code Reader

Product details:

  1. MIL Turn Off Scanner
  2. Colourful LCD display
  3. Supports seven languages

Almost all modern cars are now so computer-controlled that even the smallest failure can throw them into terrible condition. The scanner plugs into the car’s onboard OBDII socket, which is normally located beneath the dashboard. 

It begins by reading the recorded error codes in the computer, after which you have many options, including clearing the fault if it is clearable or learning more about the fault. 

In my case, the scanner determined that the MAF sensor was not correctly reading. So I attempted to clear the error, but the check engine light returned after a few minutes, indicating that the sensor needed to be checked or replaced. 

I removed the sensor from the airbox and noticed it was rather dusty – a quick blast with contact spray and I reinstalled it – reset the computer with the tool and everything was well – the problem had not resurfaced. 

I believe this equipment has saved me a significant amount of money on my garage bill, thus I am really pleased with it.

  • Error-free analysis
  • Multi-language support
  • You must check its condition as it might get faulty

6. LAUNCH EVO CRP129X Car Diagnostic Tool

Product details:

  1. 5 service functions
  2. I/M Readiness Status
  3. O2 Sensor Test

This is the third such item I’ve purchased; the first was so cheap it wasn’t worth returning; the second required a laptop and, despite having the drivers correctly loaded, the program couldn’t see the hardware. 

I turned on the ignition, plugged it in, and voila P2282 Air leak between the throttle body and the intake valves. A short YouTube search for this fault on an Insignia reveals a typical issue, a split in the intercooler piping. 

A short peek under the hood revealed the exact problem, a temporary fix of duct tape and cable ties, a replacement part sent, and me very satisfied. I could have wasted hours looking for the problem, potentially never discovering it and being forced to take the car to a dealership. 

I believe I saved at least £200, plus I still have the equipment to troubleshoot potential problems. I can’t say enough good things about this product.

  • A plethora of features
  • Instant error identification and repair
  • Quite expensive

7. Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT 

Product details:

  1. 25+ Services
  2. Wireless VCI connection
  3. Auto VIN technology

I wasn’t looking for anything too pricey, but I did want one with good features and that was accurate. After doing some research, I’ve opted for the Autel MK808BT. After researching different models, I discovered that the Autel MK808BT is most likely the best in its pricing category. 

After two weeks of use, it appears that I made the proper decision. This tool is not slow at all; it operates at a reasonable speed, has a functional touchscreen, and has a long-lasting battery. 

According to my calculations, the battery lasts approximately 7 hours. To begin, I used it on my 2019 Volvo V90. To be honest, I was sceptical that this tool could read such a new car. 

It does scan every single module and clearly indicates every single issue, what it means, where it came from, and what it may affect in the future. It also features a search option that searches Google for information about a given code. 

Covers a wide range of vehicles, most likely the majority of vehicles manufactured up to the 2020 model year. I used it for DPF regeneration on a Citroen C4 2007 diesel, and it did an excellent job. 

Simple service reset, capable of performing brake bleeding, TMPS calibration, airbag reset, battery reset, and so forth. Overall, I’m quite pleased with this purchase; it’s doing a great job for the money so far, and it comes with a year of free upgrades.

  • Long-lasting product
  • Covers a wide range of cars
  • Very expensive

8. AUTOPHIX Enhanced OM126P Vehicle Code Reader

Product details:

  1. Built-in 14 special functions
  2. Support O2 sensor
  3. EVAP system test

This is quite simple to use/understand. I’m no mechanic, but I can’t be duped into paying for something that doesn’t need to be addressed. I purchased this to see if it will clear an engine management error light and provide an explanation for why the fault was displaying. 

It immediately worked, informing me that there was a gasoline problem, which I had resolved. A friend had something comparable that didn’t fix the problem. The unit comes with a multi-language, easy-to-read brochure that explains everything in plain English. It aided me by performing what it was supposed to do swiftly.

Excellent product. The engine error light was illuminated on my previous CRV. I plugged in this machine and immediately received the code. The part was replaced, and the car was repaired. 

The car is now fixed for a fraction of the time and effort it would have taken to take it to the mechanic. I’m quite delighted with my buy.

  • Multiple features and functions
  • Immediate action
  • Not compatible with many cars so check the instructions

Features of the best car diagnostic tool- Buying Guide

If you want to know how your vehicle works or what’s wrong beneath the hood, nothing beats plugging in the OBD-II scanner you have got and reading the data.

If you love your car you must know the condition of all its parts so that in time of emergency you are able to fix your car promptly. But this is feasible for what is visible and what about the technical faults that often trick our eyes.

For identifying and fixing these faults you will require a diagnostic tool for your car. This can also be done by visiting a mechanic but let’s analyse whether visiting him every month is easier or diagnosing these by yourself.

Not only diagnosing them yourself will be easier but also prove to be more pocket friendly. Investing about 200 pounds on a single product can save you from paying hundreds of pounds multiple times.

The best OBD-II scanners offer the ideal balance of size, weight, and the capacity to read problem codes and live data from your vehicle. The following are the most crucial criteria:

Simple use 

If it takes an eternity to set up the scanner, you’re unlikely to utilize it to diagnose an issue early on. So it is important that your tool gives you immediate results and immediate correction.

Edasion Store OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Code Reader is an excellent product that gives immediate results.

Errors and corrections 

The best OBD-II scanners not only detect and report defects in your vehicle but also clarify what they mean so you can either fix it yourself or notify a specialist.

LAUNCH EVO CRP129X Car Diagnostic Tool offers a plethora of features and can read codes from most of the systems.

I/M readiness

A decent scanner will perform the primary engine and emissions tests to determine whether you’ll pass your state’s inspection. This feature is offered by most of the products we have mentioned.

Among them, the best I/M readiness is offered by Autel MaxiLink ML329 Code Reader.


A scanner is useless if its results are inaccurate because the only thing worse than having no information is having false information. Autel MaxiLink ML329 Code Reader gives accurate and best results.


Before buying an OBD2 tool you must also check whether it is compatible with your car. Otherwise, you will be left with a useless product. If the scanner is large and cumbersome, it will most likely remain in your toolbox rather than in your car to assist you on the road.

All automobiles made after January 1, 1996, are suitable with OBD2 scanning devices. On this date, OBD2 manufacturing compatibility became obligatory.

Before this date, though, a few automakers separately put OBD2 technology into several car models. In truth, OBD2 data transmission was initially used within production automobiles in 1994.

So it is a critical feature and must be noted. Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT covers a wide range of cars and almost all the recent cars.


Almost all devices that are available today in the market operate on either BlueTooth or WiFi. This is most preferred today because it is convenient. The same goes for a diagnostic tool.

If a diagnostic can be operated via Bluetooth it becomes very easy to use. No hassle of connecting it to a jack or meddling with its wires. Simply connect it to Bluetooth and you are good to go. It saves time as well. 

Edasion OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Code Reader, as its name suggests, is Bluetooth operated and is very easy to use.

OBD2 scanner vs other code readers

There is some misunderstanding about the distinctions between an OBD2 scanner and a code reader. Many people believe that such devices are the same, however, there are several differences between the two.

OBD2 scanner

An OBD2 scanner is a multipurpose automotive diagnostic tool. This type of scanner performs much more than just reading active diagnostic issue codes. Many of these gadgets enable users to view real-time data from a vehicle’s various sensors. 

Data from a vehicle’s 02 sensors, engine coolant temperature sensor, mass airflow sensor, and other sensors may be accessed rapidly. In some circumstances, OBD2 scan instruments can also do extensive diagnostic testing.

Code reader

A code reader’s features are extremely limited in comparison to an OBD2 scanner. In the overwhelming majority of instances, code readers can do a bit more than what its name signifies: scan any active or recorded error codes.

Code readers, on the other hand, are often available for a very less price compared to that of an OBD2 scanner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which OBD scanner is best UK?

According to our testing and analysis, Edasion OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Code Reader is the best OBD scanner in the UK market.

2. Do you leave the scanner plugged in all the time?

Because the sensor consumes very little battery when not connecting with the app, you may keep it plugged in. However, we advise that you disconnect the device if you keep your automobile parked for longer than three weeks.

3. Can you use an OBD2 scanner while driving?

Yes, you may use an OBD2 scanner while driving and this can be very helpful as well but you must also keep an eye on the battery life and condition.

4. Can OBD2 tools clearly and modify codes?

Yes,  OBD2 scanners unquestionably allow you to rectify your check engine codes. After scanning your car with the free and compatible apps, you’ll be able to view the codes displayed in clear as well as an easy, English explanation, and you’ll be able to repair and rectify the errors.

Our Verdict

There are various advantages to possessing a car diagnostic tool. The usage of such a scan tool enables drivers to analyse the errors and damages in the engine and rectify them on their own by diagnosing a variety of fundamental mechanical or electrical faults with their automobiles.

OBD2 scanners can potentially reduce their user’s money in numerous circumstances. When seeking to correct and fix numerous faults with one’s car without a scan tool, a person has to depend on their local mechanic.

This can add up to a significant outlay, since most workshops charge at least half an hour of labour time for diagnosis, along with the additional cost of the components and parts required for the repair.

According to our analysis, we have found several amazing car diagnostic tools that offer amazing features that will surely help you keep your car in a good shape. Our guide has included all those products along with the best one,  Edasion OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Code Reader.

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