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How Much Is A New Car Battery

A car battery is an essential piece of equipment for any car. Without it, the engine cannot turn on, and your car would be useless.

Battery life can vary based on usage and care of the battery. Unfortunately, if a car battery is allowed to die, it must be replaced. Replacing a car battery can be expensive, but it is an essential preventative maintenance item.

If your car’s battery is not working anymore and you are wondering how much does a new car battery costs, here are the answers to your questions.

Types of Car Batteries

There are two general types of batteries for cars – conventional lead-acid batteries and maintenance-free sealed batteries.

Sealed batteries, which are also commonly referred to as “maintenance-free” or “no maintenance,” can be used where the battery is mounted in an inaccessible location.

1. Maintenance Free Batteries

Maintenance-free batteries are filled with an electrolyte and do not need refilling like a conventional battery. These types of batteries also have vents that cannot be removed.

Although they lack removable caps, adding water or checking the acid level in sealed batteries is unnecessary because there is no liquid involved.

2. Conventional Batteries

Conventional batteries generally last longer than sealed batteries because they are not as susceptible to “deep cycling.”

This means that these types of batteries can be drained and recharged more often without adverse effects.

However, you should still avoid deep cycling your battery – regularly letting it run down past the point where the engine starts – to prolong its life.

Other Considerations

There are other considerations for a car battery, such as size and weight. Generally speaking, larger batteries weigh more than smaller ones because they contain more lead and sulphuric acid. 

Larger batteries also last longer but take up space in the engine compartment. The size of your car’s engine compartment will play a role in determining the size of the battery needed.

Tips for Buying the Right Battery for Your Car

Before buying a car battery, you should determine the recommended battery size for your car’s make, model, and year. This information can usually be found in your owner’s manual or on a sticker inside the hood of your vehicle.  

Batteries are priced according to their quality and durability. More expensive batteries will last longer than less expensive ones, but you need to consider how much time and money you are willing to spend on the battery.

In most cases, a more expensive battery can be replaced later, so it will not be a complete loss of your investment if it is no longer working in the future.

You also need to consider the warranty and guarantee of the battery. Some batteries come with a free replacement if they fail during a specific time frame or number of starts, whereas others do not offer such coverage.

An excellent way to ensure that you are getting a quality product is to ask for an extended warranty; some manufacturers will give you one as long as you are willing to pay extra.  

For more information on how much does a new car battery costs, consult your owner’s manual or an automotive parts dealer in your area.

How Much Does A New Car Battery Cost?

The average cost of a new car battery is $150, but it can cost more or less depending on where you go to get it.

Even though the typical cost is about $150, this can vary based on location and the specific type of battery you’re looking for.

When you’re purchasing a new battery, you can expect to see high costs from dealerships and auto-parts stores because they will often markup the cost in order to make a profit.

If you’re looking to save a little money, consider shopping online or going to a local tire dealer. These places usually charge less because they don’t have the same overhead costs as dealerships and auto-parts stores.

For example, if you purchase your battery from an auto-parts store, expect to pay around $160. However, if you buy from a tire shop or dealership, you can expect to pay up to $200.

A lot of new cars will come with an extended warranty which includes free battery replacement for the first few years after purchase.

Check your owner’s manual to determine how long your new car battery is covered under warranty, and make sure this information doesn’t conflict with the warranty you purchased.

How Can I Make My Battery Last Longer?

If you want to extend the life of your car battery, there are a few things that you can do to increase its efficiency.

First off, try to avoid extreme temperature changes whenever possible. Also, make sure you only use your headlights and other electrical components when you actually need to so that your battery doesn’t have to work harder than necessary.

A car battery has a limited number of charges before it will die for good, but you can increase its efficiency by keeping the battery connections clean and free from corrosion.

This is especially important during the winter months because rain and other environmental factors can cause the connections to corrode over time.

In order to save on battery costs, consider installing a power inverter in your vehicle so that you can use a standard household outlet to charge electrical components while you drive.

This will work for both your laptop and phone charger! If you have enough money to spend on this project, it’s definitely worth the investment because some mechanics will charge upwards of $100 just to install an accessory like this in your car.

It is important not to overcharge the battery because it could cause damage, reducing its overall lifespan.

For prolonged storage periods (more than 2-3 weeks), disconnecting the battery is recommended. During long-term storage, be sure to check the water before reconnecting the battery cables; if the water level is low, add distilled water to bring the battery to full charge.

Note: Never use tap water as it contains chemicals that can damage your batteries plates.

Warnings & Things To Keep In Mind

Battery warranties vary from model to model, and several factors can affect how long they last, including average mileage per year and engine size. For example, a car with a four-cylinder engine will typically have fewer charging cycles than a car with a 6 or 8 cylinder engine because the alternator charges at lower amperage rates.

The battery warranty should come with clear instructions on what you should do if your battery fails during the warranty period, so make sure you understand these terms before purchasing!

Using a battery that is not the same size, terminals, and type as what was initially installed by the manufacturer can damage your vehicle’s electrical system.

To save on battery costs, consider installing a power inverter in your car so that you can use a standard household outlet to charge electrical components while you drive. This will work for both your laptop and phone charger!


With this being said, we hope you now have an idea of how much does a new car battery costs and what things you should consider while buying a new car battery. Whenever you store a car for a long time make sure to charge the battery fully.

The experts we talked to while researching for this article told us that purchasing a car battery from a local vendor is always economical. So, make sure you are not paying extra while purchasing a car battery.

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