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6 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Ice On Car

Snowfall is fun, but what we all hate about snowfall is the ice on cars. It’s really challenging not to scratch the car’s body and get rid of the snow, but today, we will be sharing some working methods to de-ice your car in case you urgently have to go somewhere.

Cars ice up in winter for two significant reasons, the first one is cold air being extremely dry, so it sucks all the moisture out of the air. Secondly, the glass on your car creates condensation when it gets cold.

Now ice forms when warm moist air hits a cold window and freezes instantly. Your windshield has no way to grow ice except when moisture hits it. You can say ice forms when the ice from ice cubes melts and ice crystals form water. Storing a car for a long time in the winter season can cause many issues. So it’s good to get rid of ice on the car asap.

That being discussed, let’s focus on the main thing!

6 Tested Methods Get Rid of Ice on Car

Method 1:  Use ice-scraper

The ice scraper is the most obvious tool to get rid of ice. You can either buy this ice scraper or use a simple plastic card. It is one of the most common tools to get ice off the windshield.

You can also use ice scrapers, but they may leave small scratches on your windshield’s surface if you are not careful enough. If you want to take care of the windshield then be careful when using ice scrapers.

Ice scrapers are the most suitable for this job if ice has formed on the glass surface.

You can also use ice scrapers to un-stick ice from car doors and side mirrors. Just apply some force by moving it with pressure on ice stuck areas to get ice off the car quickly.

Method 2:  Use newspaper

If you don’t have ice scrapers in your car, don’t panic just use a simple newspaper to get ice off the windshield.

It is not a known fact that the newsprint is a great method for removing ice from your windows. This method uses the oil and ink of the paper to its maximum advantage to get ice off your car quickly. You can simply stuff the newspaper into ice stuck places or around the ice to get ice off the car.

Pour some water on the ice and then cover it with newspaper. Use a scraper to remove ice after a few minutes when the ice becomes soft enough to be removed easily. Make sure not to use too much force; otherwise, you may damage your windows.

Note: Do not directly pour hot water on the windshield and mirrors, as it can suddenly crack your windows.

Method 3:   Use ice-melt

You can also use ice melt products to get rid of ice. These ice melts are available in the market and come in various forms, like granules or powders. You can spread the ice-melt on ice stuck areas; it will melt ice quickly.

Keep in mind that you should never sprinkle this ice melt directly on the ice as it may damage your car’s surface. You can use ice-melt products with ice scrapers to remove ice quickly and easily.

There are much ice melts available in the market which you keep near your car, so it is always better to have ice melts at a convenient place during snowfall. This is one of the best ice removal methods.

Method 4:  Use Car Wax

If ice has formed on your car, then you can use wax to get rid of the ice. You can apply any wax or ice-melt at the windshield’s corners, edges, and other places to quickly dep ice off your car.

You can also use tire lubricant or silicone spray to get ice off the car quickly. One more way is to mix alcohol and water, spray it on the windshield.

Method 5:  Use a cloth damped in hot water

You can also use a cloth dampened in hot water to get ice off the car. You can keep this cloth inside your glove compartment so that it is always ready when you need ice-melting service.

Keep the cloth with you whenever you are driving on ice and snow; apply it directly on ice areas of your car’s body for removing ice quickly.

Note: Do not wet the ice entirely with hot water. It may cause ice to crack, thereby ultimately damaging your windshield.

Method 6: Defrost settings

Another effective method to get rid of ice on cars is by using the defrost settings.

You can use this method to get ice off windshields and side mirrors. Turn on the defrost setting and wait till the ice is completely melted away. You can also turn on this setting for a while and then switch it off again to get ice off quickly from your car.

When ice melts away rapidly, you need not apply ice-melting products, ice scrapers, or ice-melt. This is one of the best ice removal methods.

Final Words

The ice removal tips and tricks given in this article will help you to get ice off your car quickly. You can use ice scrapers or ice-melting products, but be careful while choosing ice-melting products as they may damage the surface of your car’s windshield. Use ice scrapers when ice is present in small amounts.

We hope this guide helps you de-ice your car as quickly as possible.

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