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How Long Does A Car Wrap Last?

Car wraps are a form of vehicle decoration that involves the application of decals or design elements on top of an automobile’s paint job. Car wraps can be done to promote businesses and events and is just one advertising method utilized by companies.

A car wrap often times can consist of more than one colour and design element, but it still remains one large decal. A car wrap is also known as a vehicle graphic, vehicle graphics, or signage for your vehicle.

If you are planning to get your car wrapped and have some questions regarding it, we are here to answer them for you.

How long does a car wrap last?

Car wraps are considered to be “permanent” because once they are installed onto the surface of the vehicle’s paint job they will last for around 5 to 7 years. Although, the life of car wraps is dependent on the quality of the material, how it is installed, whether or not it’s done professionally, and how often you wash your vehicle.

Car wraps are also pretty straightforward if you are attempting to remove them off yourself with things you have at home or in your garage. However, if you do this, then it’s more likely you will damage your paint job.

Therefore, it is best to leave this task to professionals and pay for the removal of the car wrap. They know what they’re doing and do not risk scratching or damaging your vehicle or creating messy residue that would be a huge pain in the butt to clean up yourself.

If you notice any parts of the car wrap coming off, whether tiny sections or large ones, you need to get them replaced right away. You also should not wait until your vehicle’s paint job is deeply scratched and damaged before taking action.

Remember that a car wrap is considered permanent because once it has been installed onto the surface of your vehicle, the design will last for years.

How to keep car wraps long-lasting?

In order to keep your car wrap looking fresh and new, there are a few simple ways you can do this:

1. Wash your vehicle regularly

Although the decals will be around for a while, that does not mean they won’t fade or become damaged. If you wash your vehicle with soap and warm water at least once a month, it will help to keep the car wrap intact for as long as possible.

2. Use wax

To give the exterior of your vehicle an added layer of protection against sunlight or anything else that can cause damage to its paint job, use wax every now and then.

3. Remove car wrap before taking a trip

Keep in mind that as soon as you take a big road trip, extreme climate change is going to affect your car wrap. If you don’t want it to fade or start peeling off, remove it from your vehicle’s surface beforehand.

4. Avoid heavy objects

Although having extra storage space on top of your vehicle by using roof racks is convenient, avoid placing anything too heavy up there because that will damage the exterior paint job and cause parts of the decal to peel or fade away faster than usual.

5. Inspect for damages regularly

It’s important that you inspect the car wrap at least once every couple of weeks to make sure there are no damages like rips or tears. If you catch anything early on then you can get it repaired and avoid any spot that would be more difficult to fix later down the road.

Thus, if you want your car wrap to last for years and look like new until the day comes when you decide it is time for a change, make sure to follow these helpful tips and tricks!

Is wrapping your car a good idea?

If you are looking for someone else’s advice before wrapping your car, then make sure do you really want to do it, or are you doing it because the XYZ person who works with you also has done it?

Let’s start with the fact that it looks cool because you can design your own vehicle graphics to show off your style or support your favourite team/artist. Then there’s the added benefit of using it as a billboard to attract new customers for your business.

However, only do this if you are willing to be seen in public. Keep in mind that your car will attract crowds wherever it goes. For some people, this is a very good thing. For others, not so much.

If you don’t want to attract attention and would prefer having a more low-key ride, then vinyl or a matte finish will work best. That way, your vehicle will still look shiny and new without standing out too much.

On the other hand, sometimes, if you want people to notice your ride and be fully aware that it represents something, then go all out and get the car wrap done. Just keep in mind that you will be making a statement not just with people on social media but also with people who see you in public.

Do car wraps ruin your paint?

The short answer is, yes. If you want your car wrap to last for years, then it will slowly but surely damage the paint job on your vehicle. Eventually, enough layers of your paint job will chip off so that the base colour comes through.

However, this doesn’t mean you should run away from them screaming because car wraps are not the only solution to protect your paint job. All you have to do is make sure that you never purchase an exterior coating or a paint sealant from a shady company. Otherwise, you might end up with a decal that won’t come off anytime soon, or worse- one that damages the paint job on your vehicle.

Can you pressure wash a wrapped car?

One of the perks of having a car wrap is that you can pretty much do whatever you want to it without worrying about damaging the graphics. That includes washing it with soap and water or even pressure cleaning it, which you can’t do to a car that has its original paint job.

However, just because the next owner of your car could wash it however they want does not mean that you should too. That’s because, over time, layers of dirt and grime will accumulate on top of the print and will affect the performance of the vinyl.

The bottom line is that regular car washes with soap and water are perfectly fine to do- just make sure you don’t get too rough on it. But try not to pressure clean your vehicle regularly because the dirt and grime buildup might impede the effectiveness of your graphics.

Final Words

Car wraps can be a fun and exciting way to customize your ride. But before you get it done, make sure that you find the right company to do it for you so that you don’t have any regrets afterwards.

At least with this guide, your car wrap will last long enough for you to enjoy it how it is supposed to be enjoyed- stylish and attractive!

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