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7 Best Diesel Injector Cleaner- Reviewed + Buying Guide

The large number of cars sold today feature fuel injection systems, which feed specified volumes of gasoline or diesel to each engine at precisely the right time for efficient ignition. 

These injectors can become dirty with time, and depending on your car, its quality, and the gasoline you use in your car, your injectors may need to be serviced on an as-needed basis.

The top pick for dependable long-term efficiency is to use high-quality fuel from trustworthy sources, to run your car gently, and to keep up with routine maintenance. If you take care of your engine, you might not need these professional cleaners at all. 

Having said that, you can do everything correctly and still have problems with your car’s fuel injectors, as well as blocked fuel lines. A special cleaning chemical made exclusively for this operation can be one of the simplest ways to clean your unclean fuel injectors and improve efficiency in these kinds of circumstances.

When fuel is passed via the injectors, the fuel injector cleaner removes any junk that has been collected. A decent fuel injector cleaner can remove the deposition, bringing back your vehicle to its original state.

There are numerous varieties of diesel injector cleaners on the market, and it can be difficult to determine their quality and efficacy. As a result, it is critical to review the product’s characteristics and features. However, this can be a highly stressful process.

We tried and tested several fuel injector cleaners to find the best products in the market. According to our analysis, we found STP Ultra 5 in 1 Petrol System Cleaner to be the best fuel injector cleaner.

To save you time and effort, we’ve compiled this list to help you identify the available options for your specific requirements and price, as well as to go over what to look for when purchasing a diesel injector cleaner.

So, let’s have a look at them.

8 Best Diesel Injector Cleaner- Reviewed

All the products mentioned here are available online on amazon.com.

1. STP Ultra 5 in 1 Petrol System Cleaner

Product details:

  1. 400 ml
  2. Concentrated Cleaning
  3. Toxic to aquatic life

This was utilized on our 14-year-old Honda Jazz. It’s been going okay, but it’s been a little sluggish while accelerating. So, knowing I had nothing to lose, I gave STP Ultra a shot. 

My wife had been driving the automobile for the past three days, and I hadn’t been in it. When I used it after a few kilometres, I was astonished at how quiet and smooth the motor appeared. 

The acceleration is quicker, and the car appears to be fresher. It’s hard to believe that such a small amount can make such a big effect. I spent some time researching alternative additives to prevent the problem of carbon blockage from recurring. 

I eventually settled on STP extreme diesel system cleanser. It is marketed as a 5-in-1 product that saves gasoline, restores peak performance, cleans deposits, minimizes wear, and inhibits corrosion.

I waited until I needed to fill up my fuel and then dumped the entire bottle into the tank so that it would mix easily when the diesel was filled. I then drove my car to allow the cleaner to begin working in the car, despite the fact that it is not required.

  • Smooth performance after cleaning
  • Premium quality
  • Hazardous for skin

2. STP Diesel Injector Cleaner

Product details:

  1. 200 ml
  2. 200 g
  3. Concentrated cleaning

My wife takes short trips for business, and the car began to misfire at idle. Put this in with a full tank and it seemed to have cured it after about 200 miles. 

I used 1 with a single tank and ran it from full to practically empty on a 200-mile voyage, a 110-mile journey, and small trips in a week, so it got utilized when the engine was hot. 

The outcomes were excellent. In the few cold mornings we’ve had so far, the car is quieter, smoother, and starts better. The limit is 1.50, and the emissions were only 0.17, although the car I used it on is over 10 years old and has driven over 185k miles.

The silver foil seal under the lid/stopper can be a significant disadvantage. Be aware that it is inconvenient to stand at the pump trying to break this seal without getting the contents all over your clothes, hands, keys, and so on.

  • Smooth cleaning
  • Improves fuel economy
  • The injector can be faulty at times

3. HYDRA DPB-100 Diesel Power Blast Fuel Injector

Product details:

  1. 500 Millilitres
  2. 93 Degrees Celsius
  3. Diesel Fuel

This is an excellent diesel additive. My car definitely runs quieter and smoother after a shot of this stuff; believe me, after a couple of hundred miles, you will notice an improvement in your engine idle and pick-up. 

It’s not snake oil, as so many additives are; this is strong, powerful, and effective in its application, and I can’t recommend it highly enough; try it for yourself, and you’ll be astounded at the difference it makes to the performance of your diesel vehicle. 

My brother’s VW Passat was making strange noises, and a local mechanic had diagnosed a failing/defective no 3 injector. Repairs would cost a few hundred pounds.

I’d already used it on my car, so I put 50ml in around a third of a tank of fuel in my brother’s car. The automobile seemed to run better after he drove it for roughly 100 miles. 

I bought him the 250ml bottle, and he did his own treatment, claiming that the problem has been resolved and that the engine is now more responsive. It is currently operating smoothly and without issues.

  • Well worth the price
  • Better acceleration
  • Causes irritation

4. Forte Lubricants Car Diesel Fuel System Specialist Injector Cleaner

Product details:

  1. 400ml
  2. Easier cold starting
  3. Better ignition quality

One of my coworkers’ cars was brought into the garage and examined because it was blowing a small amount of smoke from its exhaust on the first start-up; it does sometimes sit parked for weeks without being used. 

I put this in the tank, gave it a good run, filled up the tank, and it’s a different vehicle, and so smoother, quieter, and with more power. I can’t believe how rapidly it resolved the issue.

It could have been a coincidence, but after the car sat for a while, I heard what sounded like a cold turbo whistle for a couple of minutes until the car warmed up. It would whistle louder as the revs increased. 

However, the car has been standing in temperatures of – 2 or less for almost a week and has not done so since. I’m assuming that whatever lubricating characteristics it has worked.

It took a couple of weeks to see a difference, despite the fact that he commutes 10 miles each day on the highway, so the engine was constantly hot. If the problem is not resolved after a double dose, look for it elsewhere or have the injectors removed and reconditioned.

  • Quick action
  • Works great
  • Causes irritation

5. Redex Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

Product details:

  1. 250ml
  2. 2 doses
  3. Reduce emissions

I’d previously tried this brand and had a positive experience with it, so I figured I’d give it another shot. The changes are noticeable, with mileage increasing by up to 10% in warmer months and at least 5% in colder months. 

The car feels better to drive, the engine feels smoother at different speeds, and the car itself feels less sluggish while driving uphill. My car’s performance will improve over the next month to up to two months without adding more fuel. 

I have an Audi Q2 S-line, which is a nice automobile to drive about without Redex. And when I do add it, the car becomes a lot more, definitely different, and better. Make sure you don’t use more than half of this bottle per full fuel tank, and that you thoroughly empty it before adding the remaining portion to your car’s fuel. 

After you’ve used the bottle, I’d advise you to skip using it for one full tank. Please keep in mind that some vehicles have a tamper gasoline insertion point, which requires the use of a petrol filling station fuel nozzle to open the valve. 

This is in place to prevent theft, but it also ensures that products like Redex cannot be added. An ’emergency fuel’ adaptor is necessary for vehicles like these.

  • Cheap price
  • Lot smoother performance
  • Excess can damage your engine

6. Wynns Diesel Injector Cleaner

Product details:

  1. 325ml
  2. Facilitates cold starting
  3. Restores spray pattern

My Honda CRV 2.2Ctdi was emitting black smoke on light acceleration and felt sluggish most of the time, even after I cleaned the EGR valve. It would also pause before building up pace from a low speed. 

I ran EGR and fuel cleaners through it multiple times, but the problems never went away completely. I, therefore, reasoned that it could be injector problems. After adding a bottle of this to a full tank of diesel, the car was noticeably better after 50 to 75 miles. 

The black smoke has almost totally disappeared, and the performance has improved substantially, with much greater acceleration and smoothness. Because of the findings, my car was plainly suffering from injector troubles, and I am glad it worked for me. 

Acceleration has also significantly enhanced. Vehicle emissions are far lower than the test levels. It’s a lot smoother and more responsive now. This product comes highly recommended by me.

  • Cleaner emissions
  • Torque is Improved
  • Quality can degrade

7. STP Diesel Injector Cleaner 200ml 3x

Product details:

  1. 200 ml
  2. 200 g
  3. Concentrated cleaning

I am a big fan of STP goods. I purchase this with confidence to use with an older diesel engine. It’s well worth the money. Can aid in issue prevention. From injectors to fuel gauge sensors, and so forth.

My Honda crv had started to get jerky when accelerating and showed some hesitancy when passing, which is not something you want. The crv is 13 years old and has over 140k miles on it, so some wear is to be expected. 

I threw this in the tank, honestly not expecting much. Wow! No stuttering, smoother acceleration, and possibly one or two more mpg. In the few chilly mornings we’ve encountered so far, the car runs quieter, smoother, and starts better. 

I’m so impressed, and it’s so much cheaper than a garage bill, that I’ve already purchased another to give it an extra clean before the truly cold weather arrives, as well as a petrol version for my wife’s 2007 Astra.

  • Reasonable price
  • Improves fuel economy
  • The injector can be faulty at times

8. HYDRA DPB-100 Diesel Power Blast Fuel Injector Cleaner- 250ml

Product details:

  1. 250 Millilitres
  2. 93 Degrees Celsius
  3. Diesel Fuel

This is a fantastic diesel additive. After a shot of this stuff, my car definitely runs quieter and smoother; believe me, after a couple of hundred miles, you will notice an improvement in your engine idle and pick-up.

It’s not snake oil, like so many additives; it’s strong, powerful, and effective in its application, and I can’t recommend it highly enough; try it for yourself, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to the performance of your diesel car.

My brother’s VW Passat was producing unusual noises, and a local mechanic diagnosed a faulty/failing injector. Repairs would set you back a few hundred pounds.

I’d already used it in my car, so I poured 50ml into around a third of a tank of fuel in my brother’s car. After around 100 miles of driving, the car seemed to run better.

I gave him this 250ml bottle, and he treated himself, claiming that the problem had been cured and that the engine was now more responsive. It is now running smoothly and without problems.

  • Well worth the price
  • Better acceleration
  • Causes irritation

What to consider while buying a fuel injector cleaner?- Buying guide

Right kind of fuel injector cleaner

Not all fuel injector cleaners are the same. The majority of them should work with any kind of fuel, but others only function with a specific kind of fuel. Read the directions on each package carefully to ensure that you purchase the correct one for your engine type.


These cleaners are specifically meant for diesel engines. Among them, STP Diesel Injector Cleaner is the most efficient and easy to use.


For petrol engines, STP Ultra 5 in 1 Petrol System Cleaner has proven to be the best one according to our analysis.

Contents of the additive

Opt for a fuel injection cleaner that comprises the detergent Polyetheramine (PEA), which is the most effective cleaning agent. 

Most detergents will contain Polyisobutene (PIB), which aids in the removal of water from the fuel, as well as Polyisobutylene amine (PIBA), which is also a cleaning agent but not as powerful as Polyetheramine. 

Old fuel injector cleaners can contain alcohol to remove water, but these can corrode sections of the fuel line and should be prevented.

HYDRA DPB-100 Diesel Power Blast Fuel Injector is well made and contains powerful detergents that will efficiently clean your engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which diesel injector cleaner is best UK?

The best injector cleaner in the UK is  STP Ultra 5 in 1 Petrol System Cleaner for petrol engines and STP Diesel Injector Cleaner for diesel engines.

2. Does injector cleaner work on diesel engines?

Yes, if the injector cleaner is compatible with the system, it will operate on diesel engines. Make sure it says you may use the formula with diesel. If you use biodiesel, ensure sure it is ethanol-free.

3. Is it worth cleaning diesel injectors?

In case the fuel injectors contain deposition, it is critical to clean them in order to regain engine efficiency to pre-deposit levels.

4. Is seafoam good for injectors?

It serves as a lubricant and does a fantastic job of it. It removes dangerous depositions and coatings from fuel passages, inlets, pistons, and chambers using fuel injectors.

Our Verdict

Maintaining your fuel injectors and cleaning them regularly is critical to the efficiency of your car’s engine. Employing fuel injector cleaners is a simple approach to ensure that your automobile is running at top performance while also improving fuel efficiency.

Applying fuel injector cleaners is an easy method that anybody can perform—there is no need to visit a professional. But it is important that you get your hands on the best one and consider the buying guide before purchasing them. Give a read to our top list of best car trackers to track your car anywhere around the world.

We have tried and analysed the top fuel injector cleaners to find find the best ones even among them and according to our analysis, we have found STP Ultra 5 in 1 Petrol System Cleaner to be the most effective and high-quality product.

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