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7 Best Car Tracker In 2022- Reviewed+ Buying Guide

You should know where your vehicle is going or where your fellow roommate or family member is by just tracking down their car. However, you don’t want to be too apparent about it. 

Then a battery-powered GPS tracker is frequently the best option. They are the most adaptable form of the tracker. They are generally magnetically affixed to any space of your vehicle or another metal body, or they can be installed in a dashboard or pocket. 

They can also be carried in a person’s pocket or fastened to something valuable. All models allow you to check the tracker’s position on a digital map, view trip records to determine where it’s been, and send alerts when it departs or returns at specified locations that are called geofences.

Vehicles that do not have theft protection or a GPS tracker installed are usually hard to detect. That is why you should think about buying a GPS tracker for your car. Have a GPS tracker on your car and gift yourself an excellent option to keep it safe.

There are thousands of manufacturers who design excellent GPS trackers for your car but even among them, it can be difficult to find a GPS tracker that has all the qualities that a GPS tracker must have so that you can relax about the safety of your car for a bit.

But finding that ideal product for yourself can be really difficult. So to make things easier for you, we studied and tested a wide range of GPS trackers. According to our research, the finest car GPS tracker is the LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker.

We’ve prepared this guide to help you uncover the various possibilities for your liking and cost, as well as to go over what to look for when selecting a car GPS tracker, to save you time and effort.

So, without further ado, let’s get started on the list.

7 Best Car Tracker In 2022

All the products mentioned here are available online on amazon.com.

1. LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

Product details:

  1. Ultra-compact design
  2. 100% Waterproof
  3. Built-in Super Strength Magnet

Depending on the tracking plan you select, this GPS is very precise most of the time. I put it under my car, and the car battery lasted 13 days in temperatures of -15 degrees Celsius. 

The battery life is significantly superior to what I expected, and the precision of the location pings is far superior to anything else I’ve tested. Aside from the fundamental functions, the system is incredibly simple to use. 

With a web-based software platform, you can customize functionality to meet your specific requirements. The gadget can also be tracked in real-time using the free mobile App.

The lightweight and compact device, approximately the size of a short roll of duct tape, is easy to fit into a bag, pant pockets, baggage, or affix to the bottom of a car with its specially designed strong magnet. 

In addition, because the tracker is activated by motion, its battery can last a week or more in most circumstances. This means you won’t have to use and charge it as frequently.

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Strong magnet
  • Quite expensive

2. REWIRE SECURITY SpyTrack Nano V2 GPS Tracker

Product details:

  1. 4G Connectivity
  2. 10 days battery life
  3. Alert system

This little guy is quite talented. Although activation is very simple, I would want to Rewire to consider including a more prominent ‘activation’ link on their website. It’s on a menu with a bunch of other choices. 

As a first-time user, it would be really appreciated if I did not have to look around for instructions on how to activate. I believe the price is reasonable. Not inexpensive, but not awful either. 

My problem is with precision. It appears to be fairly accurate most of the time, but there are far too many instances where the gadget pinpoints its location in the middle of a field or other spot where there is no way a vehicle could be, for example, in a lake.

Easy to set up, easy to operate the app, and simple to pay for subs without having to deal with the incredibly confusing top-ups and text systems that plague the bulk of other trackers on the market. The battery life is also fairly good, lasting roughly a week.

  • Compact design
  • Easy user interface
  • Can be inaccurate a few times

3. XCSOURCE Vehicle Tracker Real-time Locator

Product details:

  1. Built-in switching power supply
  2. Password-protected settings
  3. SMS alert

It is very simple to install; simply connect the + and – terminals on the battery. As my machine is parked and chained up in my garage, I installed a discrete switch between the supply and the unit to deal with potential battery consumption when unattended for extended periods of time. 

Simply add the SIM card and connect the gadget to your power supply to get started. Wait for the device to initialize, which takes around 2 to 3 minutes. Once connected, call the SIM card and the call immediately disconnects. 

Within 30 seconds, you’ll receive a text with a Google Maps link; simply click the link to see the tracker’s location on Google Maps. This fits neatly beneath the seat. It should keep it waterproof and safe from dirty-fingered crooks. 

The precision is superb. It gives me some peace of mind now that it’s installed. The instructions are a little complicated, but for its basic function, you can’t get much simpler than two wires and a simple card.

  • Accurate location tracking
  • Compact design
  • Instructions are not clear

4. Likorlove -Vehicle Car GPS Tracker

Product details:

  1. SMS tracking
  2. Anti-theft system
  3. Motion-alarm

This has really impressed me. It was purchased for our camper van. The instructions state that it should be placed behind the windscreen or back glass, but it must be carefully disguised. 

I put it behind a seat and it works perfectly from there. Simply ring it from your phone, and it will text you a Google Maps link to its exact location, accurate to a few feet. 

An important point to note is that the device must be placed in such a way that a GPS satellite signal is received by the tracker. That is, it is strongly advised to position the gadget so that no metal body parts are above it. 

In this situation, the layer of plastic and glass will not prove to be an insurmountable barrier to the tracker’s receiving antenna. Otherwise, the installation site is only restricted by your imagination, and the waterproof casing allows you to extend the reach of this outside the car.

I can confidently state that Likorlove -Vehicle Car GPS is an outstanding tracker with excellent capabilities. Very simple to set up and use. I was very impressed with the GPS receiver’s sensitivity, accuracy, and speed in calculating coordinates. 

The route and location of your automobile, wife’s car, motorcycle, and various other moving equipment will always be known with the proper settings.

  • Accurate location tracking
  • The anti-theft feature is great
  • Positioning it properly can be tricky

5. Rewire Security DB2 – Real-Time Self Install Vehicle GPS Tracker

Product details:

  1. 4G Connectivity
  2. 10 days battery life
  3. Alert system

I’ve had this tracker on my kit vehicle since April 2019 and I’m quite pleased with it. It’s simple to install, just simply connect red to positive and black to negative, and has worked flawlessly since it was installed. 

The app is simple to use and allows you to keep a watch on your vehicle when you’re away from it – this came in handy when I left the car alone. Subscriptions cost £60 per year, which is reasonable, and you may pay monthly without a commitment if you only want it active at specific times of the year.

The Web and App are up to date, look nice, and have a lot of features. It can warn you if you drive outside of a predefined area on a map, if you speed too quickly, corner too sharply, crashes, drive after hours, or even if your car battery runs out of power.

  • Easy to setup
  • Accurate location tracking
  • The cost of the product and the subscription altogether makes it quite expensive.

6. Winnes Anti-theft GPS Tracker

Product details:

  1. Geo-Fence system
  2. 5000mAh battery
  3. Waterproof design

To begin, I must mention that I was so happy with this tracker that I purchased two for each of my cars. The tracker is simple to set up and operates just as desired. I have it set to vibrate, so as soon as I seat in the car (within 10-20 seconds), 

I get a text that says vibration detected. The tracker will pinpoint your exact location. I put this to the test while traveling across the nation. I put the tracker through its paces, and it was always spot on with its location. It is accurate to a few meters (I tested it by parking next to a road crossing).

When putting it together, you must do so outside. Do not attempt to set it up at first while you are still in your home. I assumed that as long as the Sim card had a signal, everything would be fine, however, this is not the case. You must be outside for the first setup. After that, you can use it wherever you want.

  • Exact location
  • Geofence protects from theft
  • Setting it can be hectic

7. Zeerkeer GPS Tracker

Product details:

  1. GPS+AGPS Dual Positioning
  2. 10000mAh battery
  3. Waterproof IP65

This is a pretty amazing piece of equipment. The device’s setup was a little difficult – you had to charge it, then insert a conventional pay-as-you-go SIM card, and then submit a series of numbers to get it started. 

This GPS tracker is fantastic and fairly accurate, with a plethora of customization options, and the battery life appears to be very promising. My only complaint is that I would have preferred to bolt the unit to the trailer on which it is attached. 

If someone took off with the trailer at high speed, the magnet base is not powerful enough to keep it in a place where it is currently hanging. You can set up as many geo-fences as you want and even program the device to contact up to three numbers. 

The alerts are rapid and loud on your mobile, and the GPS gadget’s battery life is excellent. You can even check where the device has been in the past. This could be useful in a criminal investigation or just to resolve a disagreement.

  • Route history is a great addition
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • The magnet is not very strong

What to consider while buying a car GPS tracker?- Buying Guide

Signal Range

Several GPS trackers offer global service, although many do not work outside of the United States. Some manufacturers charge a fee to add extra countries. 

It is critical that you understand the signal reach on your GPS tracker in order to avoid losing the signal or suffering an additional price. 

If you or someone else intends to take your car out of the state, check sure that state is included in your package so that you can continue to use your GPS tracker.

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is the best product for this purpose and it has a strong and large-signal range.

Real-time tracking

The majority of GPS tracking gadgets on the market now support real-time monitoring. Normally customers may see the exact location of their car via a map and messages with this function. 

Users will also be able to see their car’s itinerary and address, as well as whether or not it is moving. Some allow numerous users to access the device’s data across multiple devices. 

In the event that the car is stolen, real-time tracking gives consumers the data they need to identify and return their car.

Winnes Anti-theft GPS Tracker utilizes real-time tracking to trace your vehicle’s location.


GPS trackers with geofencing capabilities can take their notifications to the next level. On the GPS map, users can draw geographical borders known as geofences around a location. 

Subscribers will receive an alert whenever the car enters or exits the geofence. You can utilize the tracking data to improve operating efficiency, strengthen security, and enhance consumer safety.

Likorlove -Vehicle Car GPS Tracker has inbuilt anti-theft technology and a user can determine a geofence to secure his vehicle’s location.

Password encryption

While trackers can help you keep your family secure, if the devices are intercepted, they can also provide a direct connection to your family. Make certain that the information obtained from your GPS tracker is secure and private. 

Keep password locks on your phone or computer and change them on a regular basis to prevent hackers from accessing your GPS data.

XCSOURCE Vehicle Tracker Real-time Locator has a password-protected setting that secures the device’s access from unwanted guests.

Storage and positioning

When you place your GPS tracker it must be placed in a spot where it can remain undetected. This is to ensure that in case your car gets stolen the thief is not able to remove the tracker.

If he is able to remove the tracker from the car then you will not be able to retrieve your car. So to ensure that the tracker remains hidden a compact and slim design is most preferable.

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker has a compact and protected design. The magnet is quite strong to keep it in place against a metal surface. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I secretly track my car?

Installing a GPS tracking device is by far the greatest technique to discreetly track a car. The device, which is powered by GPS technology, connects to an app on your smartphone, allowing you to correctly locate the exact location of your vehicle in real-time.

2. Is putting a tracker on a car illegal?

Using a GPS tracking device on any car or item you have is completely lawful.

3. Can police track your car?

Police have access to a wide range of GPS automobile tracking equipment that can be magnetically affixed to the interior or outside of any vehicle directly, making it simple for police to monitor a car secretly.

4. How do I know if my car is being tracked?

A bug sweeper detector can be used to find if a car has any hidden trackers placed in your car.

Our Verdict

You want your car to be stored there when you come back, whether you leave it in a parking lot for work or to go shopping. Despite this, dozens of cars are stolen every day. 

Vehicles that do not have theft protection or a GPS tracker installed are frequently hard to detect. That is why you should think about buying a GPS tracker for your car. Use one of our top picks as a great alternative to keep it safe. 

The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is our top pick for the best GPS tracker. It has a wide range and provides real-time position information.

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