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7 Best Rust Converters & Removers In 2022- Reviewed + Buying Guide

Cars nowadays are significantly more rust resistant than cars from 30 years ago, and many automakers give extensive corrosion guarantees. While it isn’t as frequent as it used to be, rust protection is still an important maintenance issue that every car owner should be aware of. 

If even the slightest bit of surface rust is allowed to grow, it can destroy a car’s gloss, or rust can chip away at bodywork from the inside out, reducing structural integrity and substantially jeopardizing reliability.

The more delay you make to address rust formation, the faster it will grow and the restoration will become more complex and expensive. People who reside in chilly climates where streets are treated monthly should pay special attention to potential trouble areas. 

Because rust can occur everywhere and is not always simple to notice, preventive steps are your safest opportunity for avoiding corrosion. If you’ve already noticed a hole or bubble underneath the paintwork, you must immediately turn to rust converters to keep the damage to a minimum.

There are many different varieties of rust converters on the market, and judging their quality and utility can be difficult. As a result, it is critical to thoroughly review the product’s characteristics and features. This, on the other hand, can be a highly stressful process.

We examined and tested a wide range of double din head units to find the best ones on the market. The best rust converter, according to our research, is the JENOLITE Rust Converter Trigger Spray.

To save you time and effort, we’ve created this guide to assist you to find the many alternatives for your preference and pricing, as well as to go over what to look for when selecting a rust converter. You can also use a Car Polisher or a pressure washer to make your car’s body clean and shiny.

So without any further ado, let’s jump right into the list.

7 Best Rust Converter- Reviewed + Buying Guide

All the products mentioned here are available online on amazon.com.

1. JENOLITE Rust Converter Trigger Spray

Product details:

  1. 1000 millilitre
  2. Coverage is 6 to 8 square meters per litre
  3. 1 kg size

Excellent for spraying into hard-to-reach locations. Purchased to use on my car before applying waxoil to areas such as the windscreen and a/b pillars. With a wide spray angle, it is easy to cover big areas and provides a good primer base. 

I’ve sprayed it over a minor, rusty crack on my door frame without hurting the paint, and it’s ready for touch-ups. This product does an excellent job of converting rust to a chemically changed finish that will prevent future corrosion and leave you with a paintable surface.

It only takes one application to complete. The water-based formula converts rust into a persistent and water-proof compound, and the surface is coated and changed into a smooth protective coating layer that may then be completed with your choice of water-based or oil-based paint. 

All of this is accomplished with just one coat of the product. It’s so basic. Two tasks were completed in one move.

  • Persistent coating
  • Water-proof feature
  • A little slow to work 

2. Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80

Product details:

  1. 500ml
  2. Water-based solution
  3. Non-flammable

I’m completely blown away by this stuff. Over the winter, the terrible sealant my car uses failed and began to break away from the subframe, enabling some surface rust to occur, which was tragically detected during an MOT. 

So I wire brushed everything and then applied this, and the outcome is astounding; the subframe looks brand new even before a layer of black under seal was applied. While I’m not a mechanic by any means, I’m certain about its efficiency when it comes to its application. 

I recommend a set of cheap foam brushes for application; I tried a regular paintbrush and some in a spray bottle, but they became worthless as soon as they began to dry. Very good product. Simple to use and very stable. 

Without any additional coating, it produces a nice black finish that resists rust. Don’t be disheartened by the price; I’ve used two of these bottles. One of the most effective rust converters I have utilized. It gives great peace of mind to plan for the future.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Long-term performance
  •  A bit on the expensive side

3. Hammerite 5092820 Kurust

Product details:

  1. 250 ml
  2. Can be top-coated after only 3 hours
  3. No primer or undercoat required

A truly excellent product that, when used correctly, can almost eliminate rust.

For it to work successfully, loose rust should be removed before application. Because it is very watery and prone to run, 

I paint it on with a little brush; yet, I had no trouble painting it upside down under a car. The rusty metal gets dark blue/black and solid three hours after treatment. This implies that it can be painted over immediately after drying for about 3 hours. After an hour, if it is still brownish, apply another coat.

Pour a very small amount into a plastic container cup or any other separate vessel, to begin with, as very small amounts are required! Dispose of any leftover liquid and do not re-use the same container. 

Otherwise, you will contaminate the entire bottle with your brush and damage the product. If you want to paint it faster, there are various methods on the market that may cut the waiting time from 3 hours to 15 minutes, however, I found Kurust to be more effective if done properly. After that, you’ll need to apply a topcoat.

  • No primer required
  • Persistent application
  • Have to wait for a long time before you can top-coat

4. Neutrarust 661 Rust Converter & Primer

Product details:

  1. 250 ml
  2. Coverage 10 – 12 Square Metres Per Litre
  3. Resists water and air

This was purchased to combat rust on a Land Rover chassis. The rust had scaled in places that I couldn’t reach with power tools, so I used a hand wire brush to remove the worst of it. 

The chemical applies like runny paint and turns a bluish colour before hardening into a black coating. The finish was lumpy and rough, but so was the raw metal; I haven’t tried it on smooth metal yet, so I’m not sure if it dries flat like a primer. 

My immediate feeling is that it’s fine for ‘daubing up’ somewhere out of sight, but I’m afraid it might not be the cleanest finish, say on a body panel, but I could be wrong. It was perfect for what I was doing, and I coated it with Corroless Chassis in One with no issues.

It has some incredible qualities. It is the simplest to use because it is not too thick, water-soluble, and less poisonous and it does not sting if you get it on your skin accidentally. 

It functions as an undercoat and tolerates overcoating by most paints, and after one application over rust, it cures to a black colour that appears to be painted black on the item. It also prevents the rusting process from progressing.

  • Large area coverage
  • Easy to use
  • Hazardous for skin

5. Loctite Rust Neutraliser Bottle for Bodywork

Product details:

  1. Treated Area Sandable In 15 Minutes
  2. Ready To Paint In Only 24 Hours
  3. 90ml

This was used to treat a rust spot on my automobile before painting it. The rust treatment worked just as it should, preparing the region for primer application. This item was purchased to assist in the repair of a hole that had occurred in my metal hood. 

The hole had corrosion surrounding it and was not noticeable until I decided to clean out and tidy up the shed. The product itself is of high quality and simple to use. I used two coats of paint and then a weatherproof outside tape to ensure that the weather didn’t aggravate the condition. 

So far, everything is going swimmingly. It appears to have worked by halting the rusting process. Rust Remedy, as amazing as it may appear, works incredibly effectively. 

I’m constantly on the lookout for anything rusty so I can use it because I can’t believe how wonderfully it works. Unlike other similar products, Rust Remedy is clean and easy to apply, and it works so quickly that you won’t believe it. And the rust transforms into something that looks and behaves like metal.

  • Quick action
  • Easy to apply
  • Very less quantity

6. RUSTINS Rust Converter Water-Based Renovator

Product details:

  1. 250 ml
  2. Water-based
  3. Stabilises with a protective coat

It’s incredibly effective. Used on motorbike exhaust and other rusted brackets and parts. I waited 24 hours before painting. Some portions were left for 48 hours and turned a deep black. I’m quite satisfied. 

The bottle appears small, yet it included everything I needed and I barely used any of it. Once all loose rust, including blisters, has been removed, it is extremely effective. The item dries rapidly.

This water-based rust cure is ready to use, allowing you to change your ferrous metal products quickly. It not only neutralizes rust but also provides a long-lasting protective covering to keep future corrosion at bay.

The rust converter forms a barrier that protects the metal from oxygen, water vapour, and carbon dioxide while also resisting salt sprays and bacterial growth. You won’t have to bother about priming the metal because our product takes care of it for you. 

It’s also easier and faster to paint a topcoat straight over it because it dries in thirty minutes. The main disadvantage is that it is pricey and only comes in a tiny size.

  • Quickly dries up
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Only comes in a small size

7. JENOLITE Original Rust Converter

Product details:

  1. 500ml
  2. Coverage is 6 to 8 square meters per litre
  3. Stable within 15 minutes

This product is incredible and is well worth its weight in gold. I was given a wonderful old iron singing table foundation that had been laying in a garden for years and had become quite rusted and dusty. 

Some of it was even starting to bubble. I found this on Amazon and the reviews sounded positive, so I figured it was worth a shot. It’s so wonderful that you can almost see the rust melting away. 

My only suggestion is to apply it with a gentle brush. Because the paintbrushes I had were a little harsh, I ended up using an old make-up brush, which worked brilliantly and was great for getting into small corners and crannies. 

I assumed I’d have to re-paint it, but it’s left the most lovely patina, so I’ve just left it as is. When working with cars, I’ve tried a variety of rust treatment chemicals over the years, and the Jenolite has stood up well against the competition.

  • Quick action
  • Satisfactory results
  • Not very persistent and fades after some time

What to consider while buying a rust converter? Buying Guide

Long-lasting results

You surely don’t want to deal with a rusty section after it has been retsored to rust again. Fortunately, many excellent rust converters include a protective layer to shield the unit from future rusting. If you intend to paint or prime the work, extra protection may not be essential.

The best long-lasting result and protection for your car is the JENOLITE Rust Converter Trigger Spray without a doubt.

Waiting time

It depends on the surface area, but the amount of time it takes a rust converter to produce the best results may be a deciding issue. Rust removal products will often recommend a day or two to completely remove corrosion from your part. Some claim that they only need a few hours to cure before you can sand or paint over them.

Loctite Rust Neutraliser Bottle for Bodywork only requires 15 minutes to dry up and after that can be painted on with ease.


Consider the environment in which you’ll keep the rust remover, both for storage and during application. Keeping aerosol cans and some liquid rust converters in a heated storage area is a fire hazard. Also, in case you’re removing rust from a weldable area on your car, you must ensure using a non-flammable product.

Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80 is a non-flammable product that can be safely used on any part of your car or bike.

Type of product- Water or Chemical-based

Rust converters are often created using a water-based or chemical-based solution. And each composition is appropriate for a distinct set of applications.

Water-based rust converters are often non-toxic and non-corrosive, but they also provide for the fact that they are less effective. Chemical-based solutions might be abrasive, but they are ideal for persistent or long-standing rust.

JENOLITE Rust Converter Trigger Spray is an oil-based product that gives excellent protection against rust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most effective rust converter?

According to our research and user reviews JENOLITE Rust Converter Trigger Spray is the most effective rust converter in the market.

Do rust converters actually work?

Rust converter works great and is a genuine solution to pestering rust formations. They effectively transform rust into a new, surface-protecting element, these treatments can even give protection against subsequent rust and corrosion.

Will painting over rust stop it?

Painting over rust can slow its spread by interfering with the rust formation process. Provided the rust does not cover a large area, you must be able to prevent it with paint.

Does sealing rust stop it?

Yes, applying a rust converter enhances the longevity of metal and prevents future rusting by sealing out moisture.

Our Verdict

Rust is difficult to remove once it has formed. But the good part is you can find solutions, such as rust converters and removers. You can use a rust converter and remover to apply a solution that dissolves rust and helps it disappear. 

Because they effectively transform rust into a new, surface-protecting element, these treatments can even give protection against subsequent rust and corrosion.

We have tried and tested a plethora of rust converters and according to our research found that JENOLITE Rust Converter Trigger Spray is a versatile product and offers overall protection against rust.

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