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Best Car Ice Scrapers In 2022 – Reviewed + Buying Guide

It is important to maintain your cars, especially in icy winters when your car can get trapped under thick snow coats if you don’t scrape it off from time to time, and for this, you would need to find the best car ice scraper that would work on your car well.

This is why I started to look for the best car ice scraper, and I found a wide variety of different ice scraper options widely available in the market, and it is easy to get confused because of these options.

I looked at many product options with their reviews and comments. With this data, I was able to list down the five best ice scrapers and their genuine reviews. 

A buying guide is also provided just below the list of products, so go through the reviewed list along with the guide, and choose the best car ice scraper according to your car and requirements. We also talked about How to get rid of Ice on the car. So have a look at it too.

5 Best car ice scraper

1. Swedish Ice Scraper ICE05 6mm Ice Blue with Neoprene Holder

  • Neoprene holder to provide extra warmth and comfort to the user
  • Easy access to narrow corners
  • Smooth corners
  • Does not clear as it is supposed to 

This Swedish ice scraper is pretty good as it includes a neoprene holder to provide extra warmth and comfort to the user. 

It is manufactured from six-mm recycled acrylic glass and laser cut for a detailed finishing, and as it has smooth corners, the smooth corners help protect the rubber window seals.

All scraping edges have a polished diamond finish for use on frosted windscreens, firm ice, and a useful slot for clearing windscreen wipers. It also has a functional and ergonomic shape for effective scraping.

If you look at the blade, you will find that it has plough shaped blade and the angled shape of the ice scraper contributes to the clearing of frost and ice while allowing for easy access to narrow corners.

Although this product has a nice and unique look along with some great features, many people commented and reviewed that this ice scraper doesn’t clear the ice anywhere near the way it is supposed to.

2. RevHeads Ice Scraper for Cars and Pick Up Trucks

  • It has a claw side to break big hanging chunks
  • Withstand extreme cold weather
  • Remove frost easily
  • Too expensive

You and your automobile will be healthier and at the top position when you take care of your car with the right tools, and it is the attention your car deserves.

Spend less time freezing your bum off with this ice scraper. This will definitely help you to scrape frost from your windscreen as you mean it. It is not like those wimpy, flimsy scrapers you buy at the local petrol station. 

This scraper will remove frost easily, and ice chunks are a breeze. Not only this, but you can also break those big chunks of ice that hang around your car by slamming it with the claw side of this scraper.

This ice scraper is tough enough to outlast your car if you treat it with care. As it is built for extreme cold weather climates, even extremely low temperatures. 

The only thing that could be a problem for people is its price, as some people might afford this car ice scraper, on the other hand, there are many who won’t be able to buy it due to its insanely high cost.

3. Rania Ice Scraper for Car Windshield Scraper

  • Durable
  • The grip is very comfortable
  • Soft on car
  • It only scrapes ice with the edges

The unique and innovative design of this ice scraper allows you to adjust the scraper with an adjustable knob to match with different car windshield angles.

The entire width of the scraper blade contacts to the windshield rather than contacts only about half wide section, thus it greatly improves efficiency with little effort with its ergonomic design.

Even the grip is very comfortable with four places anti-slip design that has a thumb top anti-slip slot, ribbed design at sides, fingers slot at the handle, air ducting slot making it easy to grip even while wearing gloves.

This scraper is solid enough to clean the thick ice with little effort with its 5.5inch and 14cm large wide blade. But don’t worry, it won’t scratch your car as the blade is not anything with hard plastic, it is a kind of silicone with some elasticity.

It is also durable and strong as the handle won’t break under the pressure of each scrape with quick removal of snow but in reality, it only scrapes ice with the edges as per many reviews.

4. MATCEE Ice Scraper for Car Windscreen Snow Scraper

  • Works well at scraping ice 
  • Extendable 
  • Three in one 
  • Heavy to use

With this ice remover, the task of removing snow from your vehicle will become really simple with the fork design of this car snow brush that could sweep more snow at one time easily and avoid your vehicle from scratches.

This is a three in one brush for your car to remove any layer of snow from it, be it thick or thin. It features a remove-snow brush, a squeegee that helps to remove thick snow, and an ice scraper that can remove ice and frost from windscreens or windows.

It also has an extendable snow brush as an ice scraper for car windscreen that adjusts from 38 inches to 51 inches. It is definitely a great snow Ice removal tool for SUV, car, trunk, RV windscreen, and windows.

This car ice scraper handles use a button-type splicing design, as long as the button is aligned with the interface and pushed forward, it can be installed in one step. Along with this, it also comes with a one-year warranty. 

The only thing that could become a problem for some people is that it is a little heavy to use, and would be hard for kids or people who are not very strong.

5. Bosmere Winter Care Windscreen Ice Scraper with Soft Grip

  • Withstand the harshest of extreme weather conditions
  • Durable
  • Soft grip
  • Scratches at the corners

This is a windscreen ice scraper that comes with a soft grip for easy use and due to this it provides you with a comfortable moulded handle also this scraper makes light work of frost and ice.

As this scraper makes light work of frost and ice, the car windscreen ice scraper helps scrape ice off the car windscreen with its grip. 

A tough and durable scraper is an essential accessory for any vehicle, be it a car, truck, SUVs, etc, especially in icy freezing winters to clear that frosty build-up from any car’s windscreen. 

Along with this, all these products are designed to withstand the harshest of extreme weather conditions.

The only thing that could be recorded through comments and reviews is to scratch the windscreen at the corners.

Buying guide

Here are the things that you need to consider when choosing the best car ice scraper. 

External environment

The best ice scraper for you relies upon your specific wants and climate. Areas with harsher wintry weather climates require a more robust solution for clearing ice, whereas, in hotter climates, human beings might also get away with using a more fundamental ice scraper

Length and size

A basic ice scraper that is up to 12 inches in length might fit your needs if you drive a compact car with a windshield that is easy and convenient to reach from both ways. 

However, bigger vehicles like SUVs or pickup trucks may need a longer scraper if you want to reach across the windshield.

Consider a telescoping ice scraper with an adjustable handle for the longest reach which will extend anywhere from 30 to 60 inches to get to those hard-to-reach spots.

Design of blade

The ice scraper should feel solid and substantial in your hand when you pick it up. Thin plastic scrapers might help remove a light coating of ice from a windshield, but they will not help in heavy ice build-ups. 

If you want to scrape out thick ice from your car, consider blades that are made of hefty acrylic or molded plastic. 

Many scrapers feature a dual-use blade that is smooth on one side to remove frost or light ice accumulation and when you flip it over it has toothed on the other side for major scraping to cut through thick ice. 

You would want to choose a scraper with large and pronounced teeth, especially if you live in an area that regularly receives ice storms to effectively deal with heavy ice buildup.

Easy to use

To scrape away ice that seems permanently bonded with your car’s windshield you need to look for a handle that’s every bit as robust as the blade. 

Ice scrapers of good quality often come with ergonomic handles that are designed to provide an easy grip when you apply firm pressure. Many of the current top models also feature foam padding for a tight and comfortable grip.

The weight of the ice scraper is also an important aspect of your selection process. You don’t need the scraper to be heavier than necessary as you will start to feel the heft as you push the ice off your windshield.

Usually, the bigger the ice scraper you use, the heavier it is. Handheld scrapers are generally in the range of 2 to 8 ounces and a non-extending windshield ice scraper usually is about 12 and 2 pounds. 

A full-sized ice scraper is usually somewhere between 3 and 6 pounds. The weight of any ice scraper depends on construction as well as the construction materials.

Additional Features

Here are some additional features that you must be aware of, take a look at them:

Brushes :

Before scraping the windshield you can use brushes on ice scrapers to sweep off the snow. A good frost brush for car options has firm and soft bristles that bend easily, leaving the snow behind, or a thick foam wedge for effective snow removal.

Mitts :

Mitts can be used to protect your hands while you scrape off the ice from your car. The scraper handle comes encased on some models in a lined, waterproof mitten, so you can scrape without freezing your fingers.

Hammers or crushers :

Hammers and crushers are used to smash through stubborn and tough ice and make it easier to remove. With this feature ice scrapers usually have a thicker end that looks like a hammer or serrated teeth used for crushing ice.

Construction material

Ice scrapers work by creating divots in the ice to break it apart and hence scrape it off. These scrapers are usually made from plastic but you can also find metal options. 

Be careful as a metal scraper can damage or scratch your car’s surface so it is best to avoid such scrapers, especially if you are using it on a car under a load of snow as it doesn’t have much visibility.

You won’t really have much dexterity or touch sensitivity to delicately when wearing gloves to move the scraper blade across the surface of the car. 

These little scraping tools may also have a foam head on the opposite side which will help you to move larger quantities of snow around easily. A simple and economical flexible scraper blade is all you need to scrape snow off your car.


There are definitely multiple car ice scraper options available in the market, and the best car ice scraper can remove ice sheets with ease. Follow the guide with the product list, and select the best one for you and your car.

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