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Best Car SubWoofer You Should Buy In 2022

A subwoofer which is also referred to as a sub is an amplifier that duplicates low-pitched sound frequencies known as bass and sub-bass, lower in recurrence than those which can be ideally created by a woofer.

You can just search around for the best car subwoofer in the UK as it actually is an essential accessory for anyone who drives a vehicle and loves to hear music during their rides.

You will find some subs work better for your vehicle whereas others don’t, therefore not all subwoofers are perfect and this is where we help you to search for your best option.

Below, you will go through a list of the eight best car subwoofers Uk with their honest reviews for every product. As you keep reading ahead, I have also provided a buying guide that will help you to choose the best sub.

6 Best Car Subwoofer Uk

1. Pioneer 12 in 1300 W Enclosure 30 cm Active Powered Subwoofer

  • Easy to Install
  • Cables included for easy installation
  • Adjustable settings
  • Not long-lasting

You can just upgrade your vehicle’s sound system effortlessly by installing this Pioneer active subwoofer in your vehicle to obtain and enjoy a rich and powerful bass sound. You will also get cables included with it.

The subwoofer features a solid, lightweight IMPP composite membrane that produces precise bass sounds, and a powerful class D amplifier is integrated into the housing, which also makes installation easier. 

There are various settings that ensure you can achieve the bass sound that suits your music taste. You will also get a four-layer voice coil type round copper wire and magnet-ferrite voice coil type polyimide.

It is a thirty centimetres subwoofer in a ventilated bass-reflex design housing with a maximum power of 1300W and a rated power of 350W.

According to many reviews and comments about this product, the subwoofer worked pretty well for many people for weeks, but after that, it stopped working or caused sound problems, so it did not last for a long time.

2. Sony Xplod XS-NW1202E Subwoofer

  • Value for money
  • Excellent bass
  • Not exactly as described

It is a passive speaker type car subwoofer, and if you are a strong bass fan, this will be perfect for you as it produces heavy, deep, and punchy bass enough to shake things up for you.

Mark that the output power of this subwoofer is 1800 Watt, so this is its maximum power, and its diameter is twelve inches. Therefore it will fit perfectly for the given size in your car without being too big.

This product is value for money, and you will get a user manual along with this subwoofer, so make sure you read it before setting it up. 

The nominal output power of this subwoofer is 420 Watt, and it comes in a sealed box. Although it worked for some, there were many comments about the malfunctioning of this subwoofer. 

Even though the description specified that this device has 1800 watts whereas, it didn’t seem like it had, as the subwoofer would start to smoke if you increased power.

3. Bass Face BASS10.1 10 inch 1100W Bass Tube Compact Car Subwoofer

  • Compatible with a large range of amps and setups
  • Powerful bass output
  • Lightweight
  • I stopped working in few months

The bass face subwoofer has been developed to provide a bigger, more powerful bass output but still keep its other version’s small, light form factor. 

These subwoofers have increased size with a custom-designed high power unit, with improved power and response characteristics. It has a double stitched high roll foam surround for better cone control and excursion. 

It also has a non pressed, lightweight and rigid cone providing excellent sensitivity and high output capabilities. These design aspects offer a significant increase in performance over traditional technologies.

It is compatible with a large range of amps and setups, and you don’t need a big monoblock to get a satisfying bass tone from this sub. You will get the depth of bass and power output and make sure the user manual is read before using the product.

You will get a compact tube design enclosure with a rear-firing port for extended bass response. I found many reviews and comments about this product complaining that it stopped working in a few months, hence not much durable.

4. Alpine Electronics SWE-815 300W 8″ Active Subwoofer

  • Simple but attractive design 
  • Remote control included
  • Good sound and bass
  • Improper remote control

This is an amazing subwoofer with a simple but attractive design along with its cool characteristics. If you are a fan of black, then this subwoofer will be a good fit for you with its black handheld. 

You will also get a remote control with this subwoofer and an impedance of four ohms with AC as its power source type. 

This product also includes a quick start guide and has an RMS power of hundred Watts. When talking about size, the subwoofer is 8 inches with a depth of 36.3 cm, so make sure you have enough space to install it in your vehicle.

The frequency range of this subwoofer is from 34 to 1500 Hz, with a height of 29.1 cm, to be exact. Its peak power is 300 Watts with superb sound quality. 

Although the subwoofer works well and provides enough sound and bass, the remote control that comes with it turned out to be faulty for many people as it stopped working in a few days or worked partly.

5. EDGE 10 inch V2 Audio Active Enclosure for Subwoofer

  • Secret channel to hide unsightly wires
  • An extensive array of amplifiers
  • Provide loud, clear and dynamic sound
  • Sometimes wiring kit is not supplied

These are pro audio speakers with extreme characteristics capable of providing loud, clear and dynamic sound.

These subwoofers have been developed with a lot of research and have been constructed with an extended range of high-performance subwoofers that plunge to the lowest depths imaginable.

Through careful planning, these subwoofers offer an extensive array of amplifiers that are within reach of all budgets, from entry-level installations to the latest ultra-class full range competition amplifiers.

Car audio is for all people, and you will hear the sounds of the extended bass excursion at the deepest frequencies. You will also get a secret channel to hide unsightly wires and a three-inch port for better bass response.

Some people got the kit, whereas some people experienced that it doesn’t come with a wiring kit, even though it is mentioned in the description. 

6. Caliber BC112SA – Active 12 Inch Subwoofer

  • It comes with a built-in amplifier
  • Value for money
  • Good durability
  • The sound quality is not up to the mark
  • It does not come with cables

This Caliber active subwoofer is an enclosure with a built-in amplifier and a twelve-inch subwoofer. This might take a bit of room in your car, so make sure you have enough space in your car.

All you have to do is just plug it, play, and enjoy. Running the wires might get a little challenging for you, so take your time and find a way to get the battery wires in without any damage to the wire.

This subwoofer works well for its price without being much expensive compared to other similar options and lasts for a long time. Therefore, it can be called value for money.

Six hundred watts is the maximum output of this subwoofer, so make sure you don’t try to push it too much. You will also be provided with a quick start guide, and just follow the guide and make the arrangements. 

The drawbacks of this product include that it does not come with cables, and another thing is that the sound quality of this subwoofer is not top-notch. 

Buying Guide For Car Subwoofer In the UK

Here are some major points that you would want to consider prior to picking the best car subwoofer for your car:

Subwoofer Size and types

Subwoofers are also available in different designs and sizes. Most commonly found and used subwoofers range from 8 inches to 12 inches. Even in the above-provided list of subwoofers, you will come across subwoofers ranging between 8 to 12 inches. 

An eight-inch subwoofer will give you tight, clean bass without acquiring much free space in your car. 

There are a few 8-inch subwoofers that sound truly overall quite some could even contrast them with a lower end 10 or 12 inches, yet by and large, an 8 subwoofer will give you pleasant, reasonable, clean bass.

If your car is big enough and is not a compact/ small car, and has enough free space to put your twelve-inch subwoofer, then you can definitely opt for it.

Here are the various sorts of car subwoofers that you can find on the lookout:

  • Active subwoofer
  • Passive subwoofer
  • Ported subwoofer
  • Sealed Cabinet
  • Passive Radiator
  • Front and Down Firing Types of Subwoofers
  • Bandpass Subwoofers
  • Horn Loaded Subwoofers


All subwoofers require vehicle amplifiers. Subwoofers are rarely utilized alone, as they are expected to expand the low-recurrence scope of amplifiers that cover the higher recurrence groups.

You must first check the RMS power of the subwoofer before buying it. Make sure the amplifier can handle the amount of power when checking the subwoofer power. 

Connectivity of the subwoofer

You can connect your subwoofer through wires or also choose wireless connectivity. 

A wired system is generally connected to speakers from where it draws the audio, on the other hand, a subwoofer with a wireless connection will be connected to speakers through Bluetooth or WiFi. 

The thing about wireless subwoofers is that they are costlier just to get rid of the wires. Wired speakers are relatively cheaper and are versatile. You can connect to several different amps to save money, retain performance and versatility, opt for wired subs.


Sensitivity is definitely another widely important aspect to look at when you compare and choose the best subwoofer. 

Sensitivity is the measurement of the amount of sound that your speaker will emit with the given power. Essentially this is your measure of efficiency, and the more efficient the subwoofer is the higher the sensitivity.

The capacity of the car subwoofer

Most subwoofers use around 150-1000 watts to imitate the sound that they are getting. 

Imagine, how much power can be expanded by utilizing an enhancer with it, yet in the event that you simply need something little and minimal, it is ideal to stay with speakers that just require 20 or so watts.

The regular recurrence range for a subwoofer is around 20-200 Hz for purchaser products, under 100 Hz for proficient live sound, and under 80 Hz in THX-affirmed systems.

Check reviews before new purchase 

While looking for a car subwoofer, or anything new on the web, typically search for the comments and reviews of the clients who previously purchased and utilized it in their car or home.

Just have a look at their own experience, then, at that point, decide whether you need to think about buying that product or not. 

You should follow up with a similar question while attempting to observe the best vehicle car subwoofer. While knowing the experience and input of individuals, you’ll know the significant data of that car subwoofer and in the event that it merits purchasing or not.

Go on an overview on the web and watch which car subwoofers are significant and buyable for your vehicle for a better experience. Well, we have already done the hardest part for you, you can just compare and pick one that suits you best. 

Quality is the first priority then comes Price

Purchasing a modest vehicle car subwoofer might save you a few dollars, however, what is the goal of saving those dollars when you will require substantially more cash to fix or replace the low-quality item.

In some cases cost rises to the quality and adequacy of any product, so rather than searching for the subwoofer with the least expensive cost range, you should search for the best quality for your car and successful item.


There are definitely a variety of car subwoofers available out there, but the best car subwoofer is effective, user-friendly, provides a good bass and stays in your car for a long time. 

Just read the guide and the product list of subwoofers to select the best one for you and your car. Apart from this checkout our list of car driving sunglasses and best mobile phone holders for car. and

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