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Best Car Phone Holder In 2022 – Reviewed + Buying Guide

A navigation system may come really handy at times but unfortunately, not every car comes with a built-in navigation system and you don’t need to put that extra heavy charge to put in one either. 

A phone is enough nowadays even for getting directions, making calls, using your phone’s voice assistant, or listening to favourite songs but accessing your phone while driving could be dangerous.  

This is where car phone holders come into use to provide a safe and simple way and you can just search around for the best car phone holder as it becomes an essential accessory for any vehicle.

Some holders work better with certain cars and phones whereas others don’t, but not all car phone holders are equally effective.

Keep reading ahead, and you will go through a list of the 6 best car phone holders with their honest reviews for every product. I have also given a guide that will help you to choose the best option. 

6 Best Car Phone Holders In 2022

1. MagGrip Air Vent Magnetic Universal Car Mount Holder

  • Slim and form-fitting case with easy-grip sides
  • Perfect amount of flexibility 
  • Excellent durability
  • The wide side is way too loose and the smaller opening is very small and tight

This car mount holder comes with a hard plastic background with flexible silicon sides which provides the perfect amount of flexibility and excellent durability. 

The case itself offers reasonable everyday protection to your device without adding that much bulk to the thin profile of the phone. This can be a perfect gift for anyone to protect your phone in style.

You can easily access the holders of all side buttons and it also has plenty of space. It also has a hard plastic back along with silicon edges.

With these features, this case protects all sides of your precious phone and is compatible with even iPhones. The look it gives is slim and it is a form-fitting case with easy-grip sides to hold on to.  

The device has two sides by which you can slide it onto your vent but according to many reviews and comments, the wide side is way too loose and the smaller opening is very small and tight that it might even break your vent.

2. Car Mount, Arteck Universal Mobile Phone Car Mount Holder

  • Infinite angles and sturdy design
  • Multi-mount locations
  • Easy installation
  • Stand kept falling off the dashboard

This is a multifunctional smartphone mount that can be mounted on a variety of locations and surfaces because the sticky gel pad sticks securely to most surfaces but is still very easy to remove.

Along with the benefits of multi-mount locations, you also get infinite angles as this car phone holder provides a 360-degree rotation ball and the adjustment knobs provide vertical and horizontal viewing angles.

You will like its sturdy design as the sturdiness of this holder comes from its combination of premium quality rubber reinforced with extra strong durable plastic. The combination of these two materials gives it the needed amount of strength.

Even installation and use of this holder are extremely easy. Easy Installation: Using the mount is extremely convenient because of its human-oriented design. The mount is generally lightweight and compact making it extremely handy and easily stored.

The drawback of this product is that the stand kept falling off the dashboard although if installed properly it does not hold its suction in much heat or cold weather and comes off when you are driving.

3. VICSEED Quick Lock Car Phone Mount Holder Universal

  • An adjustable telescopic arm allows you to adjust your phone
  • Compatible with a wide range of phones
  • Multi-functional cell phone holder
  • The adhesive and the stand falls off of the dashboard and windshield

This is a hands-free quick-lock upgraded car phone holder for cars designed as an automatic lock. The case will close automatically when you put your phone in it under phone pressure. Just press any of two wings, and it releases your phone immediately. 

It is super convenient and time-saving to take the phone in or out as this car phone mount gives you an easy and safe driving journey. This car phone holder can be applied to most cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, trucks, taxis and be a good assistant for uber and Lyft drivers.

This is a 3 in 1 multi-functional cell phone holder for cars to be used on the dashboard, windscreen, or air vent, very multi-functions, and this holder can be mounted firmly. It has a wide arm that enables this car holder for cell phones to fit all smartphones and thick cases. 

It is compatible with a wide range of phones and you can use this mobile phone holder for the car vertically or horizontally. It is convenient to navigate and pick up phone calls. The ball joint and the adjustable telescopic arm allow you to adjust your phone to any angle and any place. 

The whole concept of this phone holder is great however if your car is parked in the sun and gets too hot, it interferes with the adhesive and the stand falls off of the dashboard and windshield.

5. Ultra Stable Cup Phone Holder for Car

  • The optimal mounting position
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Adjustable 
  • The neck wobbles sometimes 

The car phone holder is composed of gear design principles that can hold your mobile phone tightly as the cup base with adjustable design can lock your vehicle cup holder firmly making it ultra-stable.

The optimal mounting position will not only keep you out of the trouble of damaging the car accessories but also keep the dashboard, vent, and windows tidy. You don’t need to worry about blocking your view or damaging the car accessories with the advanced design.

The car phone holder can be used on both the front and rear seats and each adjustable base of the cup holder and the arm of the phone mount are surrounded by a piece of soft silicone, which can fit your car cup holder better and hold your phone firmly.

The ball joint makes it easy to use your phone in the horizontal or vertical screen with one hand so that you get the best viewing angle and the flexible gooseneck is made of adjustable material so it can be adjusted at any angle and height easily.

Although this car phone holder seems too good, many people have reviewed and commented that the neck stand wobbles too much sometimes, making it hard to even look at the screen. 

5. TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Holder

  • Does not shake or wobble
  • Broad compatibility
  • Not a good quality product 

This is a phone holder with wider space up to four inches featuring a one-button release curved arm and extendable feet, and they all have a soft silicone pad. You can hold your phone securely without shaking or wobbling in this case.

You can adjust your holder to different sizes to fit in a car, truck, RV, boat, golf cart, etc. This holder has the most adaptable base with a modern design knob, made with durable plastic and you just have to give it a little twist.

It also comes with a flexibly adjustable gooseneck that is eight-inch long which gives you the perfect angles and the best position. Even the phone mount part can be rotated 360-degree. With all these facilities, you can easily adjust the view you want and not just vertical mode. 

This device can support a maximum total of 0.8 inch thick phones and you might not need to remove the phone case, socket mount, or something attached to your phone when using this product. 

This holder is suitable for all types of 2.2 to 4 wide devices and a wide range of phones can be fitted in there. The only drawback of this holder is its quality as many people commented that they didn’t receive a good quality product that they expected.  

6. Amazon Brand – Eono Car Phone Holder

  • Removable and washable
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Universal compatibility  
  • Not much durable

This car phone holder holds universal compatibility which allows it to fit most cell phones and GPS devices from 3 to 6.8 inches. 

The holder also features 360-degree rotation in which the base rotates a full 360 degrees, so it’s easy to adjust to any viewing angle and is safe to use when driving. It also won’t block your windscreen whether you’re talking, navigating, listening to music, or charging.

Another good thing about it is that it is removable and washable. The sticky silicone material won’t leave marks on your dashboard and can easily be removed, washed, and reused, but you must note that the 3M adhesive patch cannot be reused. You can easily use any car interior cleaner in it.

It can be used either horizontally or vertically. You can use it vertically when driving or turn horizontal to let a passenger watch videos and this mount will only stick on smooth-surfaced dashboards.

Remember that the phone can only be charged in a horizontal position. The only drawback of this holder is that it is not very durable and lasts only a few months.

Buying Guide For Best Car Phone Holder

Here are some important points that should be kept in mind and considered while selecting the best car phone holder:


There are mounts that attach to your air conditioner vent, dashboard or windshield and this is the first thing you need to choose between the basic types of car phone mounts

Let’s say, your car has a standard air conditioner vent and you will find multiple options of excellent vent mounts in the market. But such types are generally not compatible with circular or small vents.

On the other hand, there are more versatile and better choices of phone holders for dash and windshields for most people. Some get attached to the surface using a suction base, while some use an automotive-grade adhesive that shouldn’t cause any damage to your car. 

But remember, it is not that easy to move these mounts once you place or attach them, however, the adhesive can slowly break down over time, but sometimes also leaves residue. 

Automatic, Magnetic, or Spring

Generally, to hold your phone in place, most mounts use spring-loaded clamps or magnets. Actually, there are benefits of both as spring-loaded mounts are versatile and can hold almost any phone, but you might baulk at their bulky cases. 

It is simple and easy by slapping your phone onto a magnetic mount but requires you to attach a metal plate to the back or slide it between the phone and its case. 

Make sure the plate isn’t on or near the charging coil if you use wireless charging. An interesting thing is that manufacturers make cases with built-in magnets that work perfectly with their magnetic car mounts.

Do you need wireless charging?

It is increasingly common to see mounts with built-in Qi wireless chargers. It is actually the vehicle’s DC port that provides power to these mounts and saves you from needing to plug in your phone each time you get in the car. 

Most people are compatible and also prefer to choose both android phones and iPhones. If your phone supports wireless charging you often forget to plug in your phone and it, this not a complicated way to keep it up.

Size Matters

Before you buy a car phone holder, make sure it fits and supports your phone as there are many car phone mounts max at a certain phone size.

Also, make sure the mount is wide enough to hold your phone or they have magnetic mounts, and check the maximum weight. And, most importantly, don’t forget to look at the factor in the size and weight of the case.

Phone Charging

You should always go with the option of having room for the phone’s charging extension cable while selecting the car phone holder so that you can let your phone get the boost up while arriving at your destination.

Compatible With The Phone Case

If you search properly, you will also find that there are the type of car phone holders that actually have some extra space for the case. With such holders, there is no need to remove the phone cover or case every time you mount it.

Rotation And Flexibility

For effortless phone usability, you need phone holders to provide more rotation flexibility. It is always a better option to go with products with more flexibility, portrait, and landscape rotation as it can be a better alternative for many buyers. 


So here we have seen some car phone holders and how to choose the best option, and it is totally your decision to choose the best car phone holder for your car and phone which is easy to use and worth spending your money on.

As there are many car phone holders available on the market, it is obvious to feel confused. I hope that you found this article useful and helped you to find the best choice for yourself. 

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