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Best Car Scratch Removers (Reviewed & Buying Guide) 2022

You can’t deny that almost every car has a scratch or two, but discovering scars and scratches on your vehicle can be really disheartening, no matter how old or new your car is. 

Unwanted scratches and swirls are unavoidable, and they can be a real pain on a car’s paintwork as well, but the good news is, they are also removable, and a car scratch remover does this magic. 

With a car scratch remover, you can treat those scratches, swirls, and spots to make your car look new again, along with restoring your car’s permanent finish safely. 

So, to give your car that brand new look, you need to find the best scratch removers to eliminate all those scars. I know this seems challenging and time-consuming, as you have to go through so many different options and compare their pros and cons.

Don’t worry! I have already done that part for you. All you have to do is compare and choose the one which you think is best for your car from the list of the ten best scratch removers I have provided below. 

If you get stuck or confused while making a decision, I have also provided a buying guide that will help you choose the best scratch removers for your dear car. 

List of Best Car Scratch Removers In 2022

1. Meguiar’s G17216EU Ultimate Compound Colour & Clarity Restorer

  • Can your on any car and coat finishes 
  • Works on scratches
  • Safe and effective 
  • It does remove scratches, but not for a long time

If you are looking for a car scratch remover for removing oxidation and blemishes, or your car has water spots and scratches, this scratch remover is just what you need as it works great on scratches and whirls without laying a scratch on your car’s body. 

It can make scratches and spots disappear from your car because of its micro-abrasive compound that cuts just as fast as traditional harsh abrasives restoring surface clarity without any scratching or swirling. 

The formula dramatically reduces the effort as well as time to restore your car’s abused or neglected paint finishes making it the best way to clean your clear coat and remove swirls and light scratches.  

Even the polishing compound is safe and effective not only on abused or neglected paint finishes, but it also works on clear coat and single-stage paint. 

According to multiple reviews and comments, the only drawback of this product is that this car scratch remover shows a great effect in the early stages. However, don’t expect that your car will look new for long as the scratches start to appear again. 

2. Autoglym Scratch Removal Complete Kit

  • The kit also includes a polisher 
  • Good for light scratches 
  • Work on small and light scratches but not on deep ones

There is no need to apply new polish to your car as the Autoglym scratch removal kit is a scratch remover that has been carefully blended to achieve the optimum balance of shallow cuts with a high gloss finish.

Note to shake the scratch remover well and then apply two pea-sized amounts of it to the white side of the foam waffle applicator. Apply it using firm pressure with an up and down, then side to side motion. 

Also, note to avoid the surrounding paintwork if possible and use this scratch remover only on the scratch-affected areas. It is important to keep your process in check after 30 seconds, apply more remover, and repeat as per your requirement.

Once you are done with the application, now complete the process by polishing the rest of the car with the polish included in the kit to get a brilliant high gloss finish.

Unfortunately, you cannot remove all scratches completely, making it a big disadvantage of this product as it works fine for small and light scratches but barely reduce the appearance of the deep ones.

3. Angelwax Enigma AIO 500ml

  • Works well on shallow scratches 
  • Gives glossy finish
  • Three months durability 
  • Only works on shallow scars

This scratch remover has an all-in-one compound that is suitable for all types of paint. This intensive surface polish has been formulated to correct and refine medium to scratches, swirl marks, paint defects, imperfections, and sanding marks.

Once the applying process has been completed, their unique nano-ceramic coating forms a layer of protection and a fabulous gloss over the treated area with a durability of up to three months protection.

Remember to shake it well before use and always check the compatibility and suitability of the paint surface by testing in an inconspicuous area. Apply the desired quantity of polish to the selected machine polishing or compounding pad from the range.

Using a rotary or dual action polishing machine, spread the compound around the panel with the machine polisher switched off. Then switch on the machine polisher and apply medium pressure whilst working in a crosswise motion until a clear film appears on the paint surface.

The only downside of the product is that it works on shallow scratches and marks as compared to deeper scratches, although it reduced the appearance a bit but didn’t clear completely.

4. T-Cut TER500 Rapid Scratch Remover

  • It does not leave any harmful residue behind
  • Easy to use 
  • It only works on small and shallow scratches 

This T-cut rapid scratch remover could be a good choice for you if you are searching for a remover that does not contain silicone for newer waterborne coatings, xirallic, and metallic composite acrylic paints.

It also does not leave any harmful residue behind, and it is really simple to use this scratch remover with just a few simple steps. 

Before starting anything, you must wash your car with a good quality shampoo and dry it thoroughly, then shake the bottle well and apply sparingly to a damp cloth. Work on a small area at a time.

Apply the product to the surface and start working in a circular motion. Once the product has been suitably worked, remove it with a dry, lint-free cloth to reveal a swirl-free finish. After that, apply a quality car wax to protect the paint finish and enhance the shine.

This scratch remover is a nice product specially formulated and expected to remove light surface scratches, swirl marks, and blemishes, but it only works on small and shallow scratches and not on deep scratches. 

5. Autobrite Direct Scratch-Out-Scratch Remover

  • Designed by a microfibre applicator or a polishing machine
  • Eliminates scratches 
  • Give shiny finish 
  • Not a permanent or long time solution 

This company has created a dedicated paint scratch remover that can remove fine and surface scratches from your paintwork and headlights. It is very effective for removing scratches, swirl marks, oxidization, and tarnish from your paintwork, wheels, headlights, and bumpers. 

A unique formula to work on the scratched area to eliminate the dullness and scratched surface reveals a bright and shiny surface in minutes. This scratch remover has been designed by a microfibre applicator or a polishing machine. 

You can just simply polish those scratches away. This product is particularly good for removing fingernail marks from the underside of the door handles to eliminate the nasty scratches that occur from wear and tear. 

Also, it is clear coat safe and is designed to remove blemishes on surfaces, including paint marks on bumpers and plastic painted parts, ensuring a clean scratched-free surface completely. 

No doubt that it does its job pretty well, but it is not a permanent or long-term solution as you will see the scratches out again in a few days after you cover them.

6. G3 Pro 7164 500ml G3 Professional Scratch Remover Liquid

  • Removes scratches effectively 
  • Easy to use 
  • This scratch remover leaves residue 

Any scratch remover liquid is fluid and is designed to provide easy use when renovating multiple scratches over large surface areas, whereas this scratch remover is a paste that is thick, easy to control, and great on localized scratches.

You can just use this scratch remover with your hands and always make sure that the surface you are going to apply this product on is spotlessly clean, dry, and cool.

After you have made sure that the surface is clean and dry, dampen a white applicator waffle pad and apply a small amount to the applicator. This product can be used to remove scratches from plastic.

Then apply even pressure in a straight back and forth motion starting left to right and then up and down, and you need to stop once the scratch is removed or if the paint begins to fade. If dulling appears, simply use a good paint renovator or a colour restorer with a waffle pad. 

This step is most likely on darker paints, and at the end, you will observe that this scratch remover leaves a residue, making it the only downside of this product, but you can remove the residue with a soft, clean, dry cloth.

7. JML Mantis Scratch Remover

  • It can also be used to restore the finish of metal, laminated wood, and plastics.
  • Works great on light scratches 
  • Works on all types of vehicles 
  • It does not remove deep scratches 

This scratch remover is literally ideal for all types of automotive vehicles like cars, motorcycles, boats, caravans, and many more. 

Car park scuffs and scrapes, swirl marks from car washes, road salt, grit, insect debris, and even sunlight can tarnish and dull your car’s paint finish. You can restore the appearance of chrome grills and alloy wheels with this and of any colour. 

The mild abrasive formula evens out surface imperfections and removes tough dirt and light scratches to give bodywork an impeccably smooth finish while restoring your car’s original brilliant colour.

You can also use this scratch remover to restore the finish of metal, laminated wood, and plastics.

This scratch remover is most effective against surface scratches and imperfections but, it cannot remove deeper scratches where you can feel the line of the scratch, but you can significantly reduce their appearance.

8. Angelwax Regenerate Medium Cut Compound and Swirl Remover – 500ml

  • Removes scratches and scars from your vehicle
  • It is a silicon-free scratch remover
  • It is suitable for all types of paint.
  • It is an expensive product 

This is an intensive surface polishing compound that has been formulated to remove and correct medium to heavy scratches, swirl marks, paint defects, imperfections, and sanding marks.

This is a 500ml push-top bottle with a silicone-free scratch remover and is suitable for all types of paint.

Take a note that you must shake the bottle well before use and always check the compatibility and suitability of the paint surface by testing in an inconspicuous area and then carry out the main operation on your car.

Apply the desired amount of polish to the selected machine compounding pad from the ranges. After completing the process, remove any remaining traces of polish with a soft, clean microfibre cloth.

Everything about the product was fine, except for one thing that many users and customers commented about, which is the price of the scratch remover. For some people, this might seem too expensive. 

9. Gtechniq P1 Nano Composite Polish 500ml

  • The surface does not heat up
  • No lubrication required
  • Three-in-one product
  • Application is a bit hard to work on

This company is certified to manufacture a polish that commands or requires almost no lubrication. The polish will work faster with less effort with all the active particles controlling the surface.

The surface does not heat up nearly as much, and therefore, it is less likely to burn through paint. The lack of heat also means you can make several passes over the same area to remove stubborn scratches without the fear of over-polishing.

Generally, you need a cutting compound, medium compound, and finishing glaze when removing scratches, but not with this product. This cuts out the unnecessary steps and invests in the one and only product you need for a flawless polish.

This product not only does the work of three products, but the results will last, and you will have a beautifully polished vehicle.

This is definitely an excellent polish that does a good job of moving very fine swells and all kinds of scratches from any vehicle, but the application is hard, especially if you choose to do it totally by hand.

10. Quixx Scratch Remover

  • Suitable for all gloss paints and colours
  • all-inclusive kit contains everything required
  • Easy application
  • Do not completely remove scars and scratches, and only reduce tier appearance

You can call this a simple two-step premium repair system for all depths of scratches and swirls. The application of this scratch remover is very easy, and the repair is done in two steps really quickly.

The all-inclusive kit contains everything required to remove scratches, and it is suitable for all different gloss paints and colors. Sanding papers and special polishing cloths are included in the kit.

After softly wet-sanding with the sanding paper included in the kit, the damaged area is treated with special repair paste, and the scratch is lightened.

The scratch remover removes scratches, small scrapes, and traces of paint from all glossy and metallic paint jobs quickly, efficiently, and reliably. The treated area is then polished to high gloss again with other special polishing paste.

This product worked like magic for many users, but many people commented that it works on scratches but only to some extent. It only reduces the appearance of the scratches and does not completely remove them from your vehicle. 

Car Scratch Remover Buying Guide

Here are some important factors that should be kept in mind and considered while selecting the best scratch remover for your vehicle:

Type of remover 

There are basically three types of scratch removers: 

  • Compound: 

A compound type of car scratch remover is good and works for both deep and shallow scratches. Do not forget to read the instructions before applying the remover to make sure you have the appropriate tools.

  • Polish:

As its name suggests, polish is not exactly a scratch remover. Moreover, it is just a polish that does the job of covering up any surface scratches, and just as suggested for compound type, too, you should read the bottle instructions and see what tool to use for its application.

  • Pen: 

Pens don’t exactly do the job of removing scratches. Instead, they do touch-up paint and if you purchase this type of scratch remover, just check that you match the paint exactly to the color of your vehicle.

Size of the scratch remover 

Well, we can say that the size of your scratch remover bottle is directly proportional to the scratches present on the vehicle. There is no need to panic or get confused as it is not a complex math problem.

In simple words, what I actually want to say is, if your car only has one scratch or a few very light and small scratches, then you can go for the smallest scratch removers as you won’t need much quantity of product. 

On the other hand, if your vehicle has many scratches and deep scars, buying a big scratch remover bottle would be the best choice.

But remember that the product is liquid and will fade over time, so if you don’t use it at once or finish it sooner, then you will be left with a dried product even before you feel the need to use it again. 

The content of wax and silicone in the scratch remover

You will come across all kinds of scratch removers in the market, where some may contain wax or silicone, while some may not, and the removers that do not contain wax or silicon will be runnier. 

Though the remover will be runnier, its results will last longer. When you see a remover with wax or silicone, you will observe that it is thicker, making it easier to fill in the scratch but will have to reapply. 

Application of the scratch remover 

Every scratch remover has different instructions for application. You will have to go through and review these instructions thoroughly beforehand to know which proper tools are needed to apply the product to your car. 

Generally, the majority of removers require microfiber towels or sponges, while some may even need sandpaper for deeper scratches. 

Buying a whole kit would be the best option as it comes with all the accessories, and you don’t have to stress over finding the right supplies.

Reviews are important

Before buying any product, be it scratch remover or anything else, the first thing that you must check is its customer reviews and comments, and mark it as a strict rule. 

This is because nobody will be able to tell you the true experience of the product other than the person who has used it himself. Even while reading reviews, you must consider looking for the following factors first: 

  • Ease of use: 

Some scratch removers are comparatively easier to use as compared to others. The instructions should be clear so that a person is able to easily understand how to use a particular product and apply the proper technique and applications. 

  • Effectiveness: 

To know the effectiveness, you must first know about the type of scratches that were present on the vehicle and then look at how it looked after the whole process.  

  • Quality with price:

Normally, you get what you pay for, so maybe going for the cheapest one might bargain with the quality of the product, ultimately affecting the effectiveness. 


Scratch repair may seem tough, although it is true to some extent as it is not quick work. There are definitely more than hundreds and thousands of options available in the market, but the best scratch remover is effective and removes all those scratches and scars, resulting in giving your car a brand new and shiny look.

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