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6 Best Car Shampoo In 2022 – Reviewed + Buying Guide

Maintaining your car is another primary duty of a car owner. Nobody would like to keep their car dirty or dusty, and well, this is where car shampoos come in handy.

I would not suggest you use soap-like dish detergents as they are not good for grease and may damage the wax or protective coating from any vehicle, so a car shampoo is just what you need.

I went online can go through various brands, types, and different options of car shampoos. Not only did I look at the product, but I have also gone through the honest reviews and comments for every car shampoo product.

Some were excellent, some were expensive, some claimed to work but didn’t, whereas some worked like a miracle. With all this data, I analyzed and came up with a list of the six best car shampoos.

Just go through the list and choose the one which you think would be the best car shampoo for your car. I know it is not easy to make a choice with such a variety of options, so you can also refer to the buying guide to make your choice. 

6 Best Car Shampoo In 2022

1. Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner, 2.5 Litre

  • Easy to rinse and dry faster 
  • Gentle with neutral pH
  • Easy to use 
  • Leaves white streaks on the vehicle

This Autoglym bodywork shampoo conditioner is a low foaming shampoo that also features deep cleaning with a water repellent finish that makes it easy to rinse dry your car faster and provides ongoing protection with it.

It is easy to use, and you can easily clean your car with this shampoo conditioner, as it is a hard-working yet gentle shampoo. 

This solution contains a water repellent film that causes rinse water to sheet off the surface and helps you to rinse and dry your car faster.

Its concentrated formulation has active ingredients that clean your vehicle without stripping away any polish or wax you have previously applied. Along with this, this shampoo is gentle with neutral pH.

This car shampoo worked quite well for a few people but unfortunately, according to many reviews and comments, this product’s major drawback was that after using this shampoo conditioner, the car was left with white streaks all over it.

2. Meguiar’s G7164EU Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo

  • Suitable for all paints
  • Safe to use 
  • Requires multiple washes to get desired results 

This is a rich and luxurious car wash designed to both gently wash and condition paint in one easy step. It has that premium formula that offers rich suds that gently and safely forms a foam layer away from tough dirt, road grime, and contaminants.

The paint conditioners clear away debris to reveal color and clarity, leaving the paint of your car looking radiant. The car shampoo contains safe detergents which are also biodegradable. 

This shampoo is safe on all paint types and will not compromise wax protection, so you don’t have to look for specific shampoo for specific paints as this works on all. The conditioners reveal color and clarity, leaving behind a brilliant shine. 

This foaming soap is also an excellent choice to use with a snow cannon, or foam cannon, at a 5-to-1 mix ratio for washing. Whether you wash traditionally with a bucket or with a foam cannon, it is a good choice when you begin washing and detailing your car. 

The only drawback is that, unless you rub and scrub and scratch paint this will require multiple washes to get removed and obtain the desired results.

3. Gtechniq W1 G Wash 1000Ml

  • Easy to use
  • Smells nice
  • Doesn’t foam up well

The best thing about this car shampoo is that it is hundred per cent biodegradable, and this cleaning product breaks the bond between the dirt film and your vehicle’s paintwork, leaving you with a crystal clear finish. 

It is comprised of a pH-neutral formula that is tough on dirt and stains, and specifically formulated to work in harmony with a wide range of sealants and coatings. You can enjoy a clinically clean finish, with your car looking like it’s just left the showroom.

This car shampoo smells nice and ensures maximum gloss retention through the excellent lubrication of dirt particles, which in turn minimizes the surface abrasion, ultimately maximizing gloss retention. 

It is very easy to apply, just shake the product well before using this product, and remember you do not apply it in direct sunlight. Add two caps for light dirt, or four caps for heavy dirt, into an empty bucket, and fill a bucket with warm water. 

Start washing from the upper surfaces of your car and work downwards, and when finished, rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove all surfactants, but it doesn’t foam up well and you will observe any lather hardly. 

4. Turtle Wax 52824 Zip Wax Concentrated Car Shampoo & Wash 5L

  • Fast-acting formula 
  • Super concentrated for ultimate convenience
  • Leaves a white residue

The Zip wax concentrated car shampoo and wash has a unique fast-acting formula that deep cleans, shines, and protects in just one easy step. 

The shampoo has rich and luxurious foam that gently floats away dirt, oils, and road grime leaving your car sparkling clean. It is also super concentrated for ultimate convenience and value, so you only need a cap for a fantastic finish, deep cleans, and shines.

The car wash and wax provide a water repellent finish and streak-free shine after every application, protecting exterior surfaces between the washes. 

The added carnauba waxes leave behind a water-repellent finish and leave your vehicle streak-free and shining after every application. It is suitable for cars, lorries, trucks, caravans, home furniture, and motorbikes.

I would like to instruct you to read the instructions carefully before applying as I read many comments and reviews about this product that it leaves a white residue after its application and washing your vehicle.

5. Autoglym Polar Blast, 2.5 Litres

  • Loosen dirt and contamination
  • pH neutral
  • Expensive 

Autoglym Polar blast is a rich snow foam with superior cling and this is a snow foam pre-wash that you need to apply through the use of a pressure washer or foam gun.

You can cover the entire vehicle exterior with a magnificent blanket of foam ensuring none of the surfaces is missed in the cleaning process. 

The foam clings to paintwork longer than regular shampoos to gently loosen and lift dirt. This reduces the risk of scratches and swirl marks that can be caused by a sponge or wash mitt when agitating heavy contamination on your paintwork. 

Its pH-neutral formulation will not remove any existing layers of polish or wax and loosen dirt and contamination, using which you can use as a pre-wash to reduce the risk of scratches and swirls. 

It does its job good but the only drawback of this product is its expensive price, which is a bit too high for an average person. 

6. Pro-Kleen Cherry Snow Foam with Wa

  • Generous amount of wax
  • Super thick foam
  • Non-caustic
  • Smells nice
  • Give the minimal noticeable difference

This Pro-Kleen snow foam provides really thick foam, so every inch of your vehicle can be covered equally along with getting rid of every piece of dirt and grime. 

All you have to do is simply mix with water and place it into a bottle of a snow foam lance, attach it to your pressure washer, and spray. Not only does it gives super thick foam but you will also get a generous amount of wax. 

This snow foam not only cleans your car but also has a nice smell to it and with the formula containing a generous amount of wax, your car is sure to be gleaming in no time

To ensure the safety of you and your car, this car shampoo’s formula is non-caustic, which means that it will not burn or corrode other materials, so that you can clean your car safely, without any worry.

The only drawback of this product is that there was a minimal noticeable difference after using this shampoo on a vehicle. 

What To Look For Before Buying Car Shampoo – Buying guide

Here are some important that you need to consider before choosing the best car shampoo for your vehicle: 

Available types:

Here are the different types of car shampoo washers that you can find in the market: 

  • wax stripping shampoos
  • Infused ceramic car shampoos
  • Maintenance shampoos for car coating
  • wash and wax formulations
  • iron removal or wheel cleaning shampoos
  • super foaming car shampoos
  • Car shampoos for vinyl and PPF

There are the types of car shampoos that are available in the market which are then further categorized and are available in varieties according to the brands.  

The capacity of the car shampoo:

The capacity of the product usually depends on the brand and type that you will choose when making a purchase. 

Even in some brands, the initial capacity of the product can be around 500ml and reach up to 1.20 kg and so on. So, look at the label of the shampoo bottle or description to know the exact size of your bottle.

Generally, mechanics or car wash companies use a vast capacity of products or wholesale products. Whereas, just for home use, people usually tend to buy small capacity car shampoo bottles.

Always check reviews before purchase 

When shopping for any type of car shampoo online, usually look for the reviews and feedback of the users who already bought and used it. After going through their original experience, then determine if you want to consider the product or don’t.

You must follow up the same when trying to find the best car shampoo. After knowing the reviews and feedback of the people, you’ll know the important information about that shampoo and if it is worth buying or not 

Don’t Trade Quality for Price

Buying a cheap car shampoo may save you some dollars, but what’s the point of saving those dollars when you will need much more money to clean the mess that a cheap or low-quality product might create on your car. 

Sometimes price equals the quality and effectiveness of a product, so rather than looking for the shampoo with the cheapest price range, you must look for the best quality and effective product. 

Your car will go through minimal or negligible errors or problems with higher-quality shampoo products.  


There are definitely a variety of car shampoo products available in the market, but the best car shampoo is effective, user-friendly, and specially formulated to clean your car without any side effects. Just refer to the guide and the product list to select the best one for you and your car by comparing their prices, features, and requirements for your vehicle.

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