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Best Car Upholstery Cleaner (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

You might have bought all kinds of cleaners for your vehicle, but remember that not just any cleaner is fir for a car’s upholstery, and you have to be quite picky when choosing the best car upholstery cleaner. 

Just as we maintain our cars shiny, clean, smooth from the outside, we need to maintain the inside of our cars as well as nobody would like to have an unpleasant experience of sitting in a grumpy cabin. 

This is why I went on a search to find the best car upholstery cleaner, and I found a wide variety of different car upholstery cleaners options available in the market, and it is easy to get lost in all these options.

I went through many options and their honest reviews and comments and was able to list down the six best car upholstery cleaners and their genuine reviews. 

I have given a buying guide just below the reviewed list of products as you keep reading ahead. Just go through the list and the guide, and choose the best car upholstery cleaner according to your car and choice.

Best Car Upholstery Cleaner in 2022

1. Simoniz SAPP0084A Upholstery Cleaner with Brush 400ml

  • Good for small stains
  • It leaves a fresh fragrance 
  • Removes bad odor 
  • Leaves stains when dried 

You can use this Upholstery cleaner with the brush not necessarily only on car seats but on all carpets and upholstery. The brush makes for faster and more effective cleaning by removing ingrained dirt and stains from fabric, vinyl, and leather upholstery.

It has intensive cleaning formula that dries quickly without leaving any kind of sticky residue, which can be annoying sometimes, but leaves your car with a new fragrance in it and comes in a 400ml tin. 

When said “fragrance,” it doesn’t mean you will get a strong or particular smell, and it leaves more of a fresh and clean fragrance as it removes the odor.

The brush head is pretty durable and works the powerful cleaning foam deep into fibers to remove stains quickly and to leave fabrics looking as good as new. You will get guaranteed fast removal of stains and odors from your seats. 

It does stand with the statement of fast removal of stains and odors, but this isn’t fully true as it can effectively remove the tiny stains but leave even larger and much more noticeable stains where it has dried.

2. Meguiar’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

  • Features permanent odor-eliminating technology
  • It does not leave residue
  • Quick-dry formulae 
  • Do not completely remove stains

With this upholstery cleaner, you will get a deep carpet cleaning experience as it has a professional-strength formula that does quite a good job of lightening the stains and odors from the carpet or seats. 

This upholstery cleaner features permanent odor-eliminating technology, therefore removing any irritating odors in your car.  You will get a new car-seat scent as it cleans your seats while leaving behind a fresh, new car scent.

Not only does it makes your vehicle odor free but it makes it residue-free as well, so there will not be any leftover residue of the cleaner on your car set or any other place in your vehicle.  

This is because the cleaning solution formula, when used for cleaning, is quick at drying just after application hence without leaving behind a sticky residue.

The fast-acting foam breaks down stains for quick and easy cleaning for all carpet and upholstery surfaces, although it does not remove the stains fully and just reduces their appearance. 

3. Auto Curators Flawless Cleaner

  • It is ideal and safe for use
  • Excellent at cleaning
  • The sprayer sometimes gets stuck

This luxury wheel cleaner is ideal and safe for use on upholstery and all-wheel finishes, including alloy, magnesium, steel, ceramic, chrome, painted finishes, etc. The cleaner is concentrated, and its pH is neutral.

As it has pH neutral, that means it is acid-free, so it will not burn or blemish your wheel finish. To clean the tires, lift the brakes from dust and grime, make the work easy by simply spraying, then wait and rinsing. 

The super-high-quality concentrated solution only requires a light misting on the wheel and is definitely safe on paintwork where metallic fallout is present, for example, cars parked near railways.

Before you plan to clean the tires, I would like to suggest you make a good note not to use the cleaner on hot wheels.

The cleaner is excellent and does its job perfectly, but the only problem many users reviewed was the inconsistent spray. The sprayer sometimes gets stuck and doesn’t spray the liquid out while cleaning.


  • Leaves fresh lemon fragrance
  • Offers effective cleaning 
  • It was not as effective for many users

This car interior cleaner is a 500ml trigger spray. This product comes ready to use and is used to safely clean leather and fabrics, carpets, vinyl, and plastics. So if you want to clean your car, this product can really help. 

To use the cleaner, spray it onto the surface and leave it for approximately a couple of minutes to soak in and loosen the grime, and agitate with a brush if necessary. 

Then take a wet, lint-free cloth and use it to scrub the surface, and don’t forget to rinse the cloth frequently until the soiling is removed. Once all this procedure is done, you then leave it to dry.

Superclean contains optical brighteners which bring leather and fabrics back to life, leaving them looking crisp and clean. The fresh lemon fragrance in the product also leaves your interior smelling as clean as it looks. 

Although this cleaner comes with certain positive sides, many people did not find it as effective as expected.

5. CarGuys Upholstery Cleaner

  • It does not need to be rinsed with water
  • No residue or gloss is left behind
  • Wide variety of applications
  • The smell is too strong

CarGuys spray cleaner is an excellent option if you want to clean your car. In fact, it is not only for automobile cleaning as it can be used for any vehicles, boats, and even your home to clean furniture such as your sofa or carpet or outdoor spa cover. 

The list would be too long as there are literally a variety of applications, and also, no residue or gloss is left behind, and it just leaves a new and super clean finish.

This super cleaner newly formulated water-based polymer formula is safe, non-toxic, and does not need to be rinsed with water, unlike those typical all-purpose cleaners that contain harsh chemical detergents that need to be rinsed off with water to prevent damage.

You can use it to clean every type of surface except for glass and delicate instrument panel screens like your cluster or navigation. You can not use it as a Car Glass Cleaner.

It gets the job done excellently but leaves behind a strong scent. The scent is so strong that it can remain in the cars for more than three days, and even when it finally starts to fade away, it is still noticeable.

6. Tuff Stuff Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner

  • Deep cleaning foaming action 
  • Wide application 
  • Not good for cleaning large spots

This powerful multi-purpose foam cleaner is pretty good for cleaning foaming action lifts dirt, helps restore true color. This cleaner works great on your car’s fabric and vinyl upholstery, floor mats, and carpets.

Along with all this, it is also great for autos, boat, and home use works on many washable surfaces, including painted walls, fixtures, tile, and more.

As the cleaner contains no fluorocarbons and no phosphates, it is perfect for cleaning any washable or painted surface.  It removes soils and stains from vinyl or fabric upholstery and carpets. 

Deep cleaning foaming action lifts dirt and helps restore your vehicle’s accessories’ true color and appearance. 

This cleaner is good for cleaning small spots only as it leaves spots when cleaning the whole seat and has a terrible smell.

Car Upholstery Cleaner Buying guide

When you start looking into the market, you will find that car upholstery cleaners are available in many different shapes, sizes, cleaning potencies, and even different formulas, so it is not only hard but can be a time-consuming job to find the best car upholstery cleaner for your car.

Here are the things that you need to consider when buying a car upholstery cleaner to maintain your car’s interior in a pleasant state:

Type of upholstery: 

The first thing that you must consider should be the type of upholstery. Your car has different materials that require different types of upholstery cleaners, and also most cars have vinyl, leather, or fabric upholstery. 

You will find many different kinds of car upholstery now, from classic fabric to vinyl to vegan leather so just be sure to choose an ideal cleaner for your car’s upholstery, or an improper cleaner can risk damaging it. 

Vinyl is actually easy to clean as you can simply wipe it down with a microfiber towel, whereas leather upholstery needs a dedicated cleaner, wax, and conditioner. 

On the other hand, fabric upholstery is the easiest to clean, and there are many fabric car upholstery cleaners on the market. 

There are also Bamboo and other breathable textiles that are similar to fabric in terms of care. Most cleaners can’t penetrate the material when it comes to vegan leather, so your best bet here is to use a UV-protection product to keep fading and cracking at bay.

Types of car upholstery cleaner 

  • Sprays

Sprays are easy to apply and can clean various surfaces in a car interior, making them some of the most common car upholstery cleaners as well as saving you money and time. 

It all depends on the nozzle if you want to spray on large areas or specific spots. Spray cleaners can come in foam-based and liquid formulas, so choose the one depending on your requirement.

  • Cleaning jels 

Cleaning gel is easy to use and ideal for the crevices of your car, and it can easily get rid of dirt on door handles, air vents, dashboards, and the steering wheel.

All you have to do is just place the cleaning gel on the surface you intend to clean and press it a little two to three times, then lift it. 

You will observe that all the dirt and dust stick on the gel without leaving any residue. It is important to note that you should use cleaning gel on water-resistant surfaces. 

  • Wax

Wax cleaners are good at eliminating light scratches, oxidation, and other minor issues, but wax cleaners available in the market are mostly meant for the leather surfaces in your car, and therefore sometimes referred to as leather cleaners and balms.

You can use a wax cleaner as it rejuvenates your car’s leather, refreshing your car’s dull paint and even protecting it against UV rays. 

Product Quality 

When you think about buying a car upholstery cleaner, selecting a cheap cleaner may save some dollars for you, but it is something you may regret later on as your car might not like it. 

Instead of looking for the product with the cheapest price range, you must look for the quality, as the best professional-grade formulas that are specifically manufactured for vehicle interiors and fabrics might need some spending.

A higher-quality product will always invite fewer or almost negligible problems or errors for your car upholstery. 

Free from harsh chemicals

If your car upholstery is full of dirt, then harsh chemicals might seem like the best choice for getting that extremely dirty car upholstery clean, but you would be surprised that not harsh, but it’s actually always better to go with cleaners that are non-toxic and safe to use. 

Toxic chemicals can be too hard on your car’s fabrics as well as your own health but no doubt that harsh chemicals definitely can work wonders on grime, grease, stains, and all that dirt. 

Rather than that, go with ammonia-free, water-based, pH-balanced cleaners, and alcohol-free. These types of cleaners will not leave any fumes, residues, or potential fabric-ruining effects behind.


There are definitely numerous options available in the market, but the best car upholstery cleaner is effective and user-friendly and can remove numerous stains. Go through the guide and the product list, and compare the requirements, prices, and features from the provided list to select the best one for you and your car.

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