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Hamilton wins Monaco Grand Prix

This victory gave him the advantage in Formula 1 positions.

The McLaren driver, who started third online, finished 3 seconds ahead of BMW Sauber’s Robert Kubica, while pole seat Felipe Massa of Ferrari was third in Formula One’s most famous race.

“This will be the highlight of my career,” Hamilton said after giving McLaren its 15th victory in 26 races in the Principality. “I stayed optimistic and took it home. It was the most fun I’ve had in a race, ever.”

During the first laps of the race the young Britton driver smashed the wall but then took advantage of the mistake Massa made while racing. Massa, from the bar, ran off the track 16 laps but lost the lead to Hamilton who was able to make up for the time he had previously lost.

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Brittonen now owns 38 points in the overall standings, three points more than defending champion Kimi Raikkonen whose luck was not on his side as he finished in ninth place. The Finn’s day started rather badly with a drive-through penalty and ended with an accident with Force India driver Adrian Sutil, but Raikkonen is now moving to the second position. Massa is third with 34 points and Kubica next with 32.

Showers were intermittent as drivers took to the streets circuit. Hamilton started squeezing between the Ferraris after moving ahead of Raikkonen on a clean start over the 20 vehicles that competed that morning. Most drivers were almost 20 seconds slower than Saturday’s qualifiers

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In addition, for the second day in a row, David Coulthard lost control of his Red Bull machine and crashed out before Toro Rosso’s Sebastien Bourdais. Six drivers retired as the 78-lap race turned into a clock countdown with Hamilton heading the lead to the end.

Ferrari’s driver Massa was left as Kubica took over passed him but it did not look very promising. “I lost the radio for about 20 laps. I could not talk to the team, I just looked at the board,” Massa said.

This was the second time Hamilton competed in wet and slippery conditions; last year he won the Japan Grand Prix which was a very complex race due to the weather conditions. But this time in Monaco Hamilton was 17 seconds ahead at halfway and with the track drying out, he set another fast lap, 3 seconds better than Massa to drive out his lead. The McLaren driver was done with just the weather to worry about after a quick pit after 54 laps; a perfect for a troubled story as scaffolding board becomes really interesting.

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