Different types of car races

Racing is one of the most exciting forms of sporting competition that humanity has ever created. For car racing, there are different types that attract unique groups of enthusiasts.

Here are the different types of car races:

Formula One Racing

Formula One Racing Formula racing is probably the best known professional form of car racing. It is a form of single-seater open wheel races in which the vehicle’s wheels are located outside the body. Cars are designed and built to order, and the races take place on separate circuits for Formula racing.


The most prestigious and famous Formula One race will be the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. In North America, the leading Formula One racing event is the IndyCar series, and the most famous division is the Indianapolis 500. Read more about Formula Racing

Sports car racing

Sports car racing The leading series of sports car racing championships are the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship, and the FIA ​​GT1 World Championship is the main series of GT car racing. The Grand-Am with its own Rolex Sports Car Series endurance races is also popular in the United States. Read more about sports car racing.

Car racing in the warehouse

Car racing Popular mainly in the United States, racing cars use production cars that have customized specifications for racing purposes. Usually this is done on oval tracks, where competitors are moved to the limit by a huge number of laps.

For stock races, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is the largest management body that organizes major racing events such as the Sprint Cup Series, Daytona 500 and Southern 500. Read more about Stock Car Racing