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One-Make Racing

Introduction to One-Make Racing One manufacturer races are also known as Spec races in North America. This is a category of car racing in which all drivers race using identical cars from the same manufacturer, often using the same model. This means that the cars in this race have the same chassis, tires, and engine. […]

Introduction to off-road racing

What is off-road racing? Off-road races are a type of car races that take place in off-road areas such as mud, riverbeds, sands, snow and other natural areas. Various types of vehicles are used in this type of race, such as cars, trucks, motorbikes and buggies. One of the most popular off-road races is the […]

Rallye Sunseeker Motorfair

A great day out at Rallye Sunseeker Motorfair Rallye Sunseeker Motorfair returns to Somerley Park for the sixth year, and its first with this popular spectator stage sponsored by Turbo Dynamics Limited. As before, Motorfair offers a unique mixture of high-speed action on the stage itself, with full commentary, and the chance to browse around […]

Racing Car’s Exhaust System

A Tour Through Your Car’s Exhaust System When the air-fuel mixture in your engine’s cylinders is ignited, the combustion process produces harmful gases. Your exhaust system is responsible for making sure these gases are cleaned of most of their harmful elements before exiting through the tailpipe. Along the way, the exhaust passes several components, including […]

Electronic Components And Regard Of Ferraris

Electronic Components And Regard Of Ferraris New And Old The origins of Ferrari starts in 1929 in Modena, Italy, at the Scuderia Ferrari established by the man himself, Enzo Ferrari. The term “Scuderia Ferrari” literally means “Ferrari Stable,” and, figuratively speaking, it means, “team Ferrari.” Enzo Ferrari started out as the racecar driver for another […]