The ‘New Improved’ Boss

Over the last couple of years there have been a number of changes proposed to the existing design of The Boss. In 1999 the Class voted to accept the new jib configuration which certainly improved the performance of the boat in marginal planing conditions and in 2000 the Class voted to accept the new masthead asymmetric spinnaker. No more changes are proposed.

Graham Childs has been sailing The Boss for many years and has recently moved to the new rig. He makes the following comments about sailing the Boss;

“My latest boat came with the new mast and new jib configuration. We sailed it without the bigger spinnaker at first, as this was not yet available.”

Regatta sailing ship yachts with white sails at opened sea. Aerial view of sailboat in windy condition.

“We set the boat up with a little rake and the lowers just tight. The sails go up and down the mast with ease, as it is generally a much better designed spar. On the water we noticed at once how much better the boat responded in the tacks and gybes. Before with the old rig, tacking was often a lacklustre affair, with the boat stalling out before getting back into the groove. The new rig is very different, a lot lighter and the C of G lower. It gives a better pitch moment so when a gust hits, you go with it rather than waiting while the rig takes the initial energy and then responds. Coming out of the tacks now requires more speed by the team. My crew (14 stone) can now wire when tacking without me having to yank in the main. The boat accelerates and feels as though it wants to go. We have sailed in most breezes up to mid force 4 and in seas from flat to bumpy. The Boss is fairy stable anyhow compared to others around, but the new rig has transformed the boat especially upwind. In the marginal 10 – 15 knots of breeze the boat planes to windward with ease. The new rig is easily controlled and can be powered up to suit, whereas the old rig never managed to excel and was difficult to control in any strong wind or sea. This was fine when you had class racing but handicap racing meant you suffered upwind and had to rely on the downwind legs to try and catch up.”

What’s happening with the Class Association?

Lots, is the answer! We are currently trying to update our database of names and contact details for all Boss sailors. So if you have moved, changed your contact details or now have an e?mail address we could contact you on, please let us know.
If you are not a member of the Class Association please, please join now [a membership form is attached]. This will ensure that we can keep you informed of everything that is happening in the Class and also will mean that you will be able to race at the various events.

We are slowly but surely updating the Class Association website to make it more user friendly and useful. We have a number of plans for the site such as a sailors database and more links plus a section on Boss sailing tips and advice. If you think you have a good idea for the site let us know.

We really want to get as many people as possible to come to the events this year. We have predominantly stuck to the Topper Gala Series but have our own training event in May and Nationals in September. If you know other Boss sailors encourage them to come along.

We are looking to get sponsorship for event prizes. Not just big ones for first but small ones for last etc so if you know of anyone who might be prepared to do this (we will do our best to promote them in the process) then give Julian Cramp a shout.

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In the pipeline is a survey to canvas your opinions on which direction you want your class to develop. Also, if you feel that you would like to help the Class Association or have a skill that you feel might help us please let us know.

For those of you who have a Boss but don’t get out regularly, or at all, we could help. If it’s training you are looking for then we are having a training day in May. Don’t feel intimidated if you don’t spend much time upright on the water everyone in the class is very friendly and people are generally more than happy to help you out. For those who like to sail locally but hate packing their boat up to travel, we will be giving you some tips on how you can make this a less painful process.

In Future Issues

In future issues of this newsletter we will be including articles on setting up and tuning your boat and rig. Also we will be giving tips on how to sail in stronger winds or just stay upright! And, it goes without saying that we will be bringing you the latest gossip and racing results in the class.

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