The Boss Topper Multi Gala Series Sponsored by Bank of Scotland

Six Bosses lined up for the first shoot out of the 2001 season at Queen Mary. The forecast had been for gusty conditions and the hopeful were not disappointed. The launch was not the easiest in the world and resulted in a dash to the chandlers for one crew to replace a broken tiller extension. The course was a reasonably tight windward leeward which provided plenty of close encounters for the closely matched fleet. The first race saw Chris Gandy first to the windward mark with Steve Bell and Julian Cramp close on his tail only for Chris to find that a bit of PPP with the kite would have helped. Steve Bell took over the lead and in a race where positions changed frequently led to the finish closely followed by Martin Sully and Julian Cramp. The second race was in slightly windier conditions and all the crews made good starts. First to the windward mark was Julian Cramp who gybed off into a hole to allow the rest to catch up! Racing was close right to the finish with Steve Bell taking first just a couple of boat lenghts ahead of Julian Cramp and Chris Gandy doing the same to Martin Sully for third. Lighter winds in the third race made little difference to the closeness of the racing although Steve by now had established a consistency in his racing by scoring another first followed by Robin Hyde back from tiller repairs and Julian Cramp. The evening saw a couple of shandys and an early night (no honest). The second day was much the same as the first except for a couple of notable events. The first a rather embarrassing capsize by Chris at the windward mark causing mayhem and the second a port flyer by Julian in the 5th race which worked a treat which when repeated by someone in the last race meant them ducking the fleet. All in all everyone had a great couple of days and are now looking forward to the Class Training Day 2/3 June at Datchet to hone those skills for the rest of the Gala Series.

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The Gala Series Scoring System

The way in which the Gala series is being scored has caused a number of questions to be asked so here it is warts and all.

The scoring system is as follows assuming 10 boats start:

1st – 10 points
2nd – 7 points
3rd – 5 points
4th – 3 points
5th and subsequent places 2 points

If there are less that 10 boats the scoring is:
1st – number of boats entered
2nd – 70%
3rd – 50%
4th – 30%
All boats score a minimum of 2 points.

Therefore if The Boss class have 6 boats and someone has five 1st to count this is 30 points. Equally if the ISO class has 20 entries and a person has 5 3rd places to count this is 25 points. From our point of view it is therefore important for all of us to get 10 boats on the water at all open meetings to give us a chance of competing under this system.

The overall Gala Series will be five of the six events to count. If you have any questions about the scoring system give Julian Cramp a call or drop him an email.

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Rigs Update

Speaking to Graham Eeles the other day he was saying that most people who have been waiting for the new masthead conversion have now had them delivered. He was down at Sobstad picking up the last batch of spinnakers last week.

Graham is intending to be up at Datchet on the 2/3 June at the Training Day and has said that if it is possible he will fit the kits to boats that evening so people can sail with them the following day!

Short of any other bits? Give Graham a call and he will sort you out with the bits post haste.

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