Pre Nationals Sailing Tips


Crew – Wait for the boat to start to tack, and as the power comes out of the sails, stand up on the rack using the handle, and unclip from the wire. Uncleat the jib and walk into the centre of the boat. Pick up the new sheet at the cleat, and turning as you move, grab the trapeze handle. Sheet the jib in as you move out on the wire, and cleat it slightly looser than normal. With the sheet cleated, your aft hand can now be used to hook yourself on, after which the jib can be gradually drawn in to its normal position

HelmĀ – Step in to the boat, standing up as you go in. Ease the mainsheet slightly then duck under the boom. Twisting your body as you move, take your mainsheet hand behind your back and grab the tiller. Your new forward hand can now come round the front of your body and take the mainsheet. This hand is then used to hook yourself on, and you can walk back wards out onto the rack sheeting in as you go

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HelmĀ – Pre-set the genoa sheet on the new side, and release the cleat on the old side, keeping the genoa sheets aft of the gennaker sheets. Sail into the gybe with maximum speed and gybe the mainsail.

Crew – As the boat bears away, use your front hand on the handle to pull yourself up on the rack, and unhook as you walk into the boat. “Walk” your hands in on the sheet to prevent it being eased by you moving in to the boat. Then as the main gybes, give a small tug on the old sheet and drop it. Quickly pick up the new sheet and set the gennaker on the new side.Helm – Luff the boat out of the gybe and get out on the wire to balance the pressure in the sails. This will also flick the mainsail battens on to the new side. Steer the boat onto the fastest course as the crew joins you on the wire.
Courtesy of The Sailing Guide written by Paul Brotherton

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