BOSS creates Tremendous interest at Dinghy Show

The BOSS certainly generated a huge amount of interest at the show. The boat was a 2 ½ year old hull which had been factory reconditioned and looked just like new. Congratulations to Graham Eeles and the rest of the team at Formula White. Many of the visitors to the stand were stunned that a used boat could look so good. The show enables visitors to compare boats of many different classes. The RS800 the new boat from the LDC stable was given plenty of attention and is sure to be a popular class. Of those who looked at the Laser 5000, the RS800 and the BOSS most were of the opinion that the BOSS represents by far the best value, and is of enviable build, quality and proven reliability. To further underline this, Formula White has sold all its factory-reconditioned boats and has a further 3 to build following the show with additional firm enquiries.

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New Kite

It was good to meet many of you and chat about what’s happening in the class and the association. Much of the interest centred around the new masthead spinnaker whose adoption will be balloted later in the year. Many BOSS owners were not aware of the proposed changes, and showed concern that the changes would incur extra unnecessary expense to modify their boats to comply. Once the rational behind the modifications had been explained, all were in support of the masthead kite, and understood the motive for moving the BOSS class forward.

BOSS Online

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The BOSS class now has a web site, which can be found at Jonathon Mitchell has written an article about his experiences with the new masthead spinnaker, which he has tested extensively with great success. Further material will be added to the page over the next few weeks, including the Class Rules and a tuning guide published in Yachts and Yachting back in 1995. Any suggestions or relevant additional would be most welcome. Please forward to Tim, Jerry or Vicki (email addresses are on the site).


It has been suggested that we arrange a coaching session for the class. Do you feel that this would be a beneficial exercise? Mark Asquith has offered his services for both class and individual coaching sessions. If you would like us to arrange a class coaching session, please let us know. The time and location needs to be arranged well in advance so we can get maximum support.

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